We’d Like to Introduce You to Carla …


We’d Like to Introduce You to Carla …


At the age of 30, Carla got 6 veneers to cover her Tetracycline stained teeth she’s had since childhood. (Tetracycline is an antibiotic used in the 60’s to treat infections that caused permanent discoloration in teeth, making them a brownish grey color). 30 years later, Carla decided she was ready for her 30-year-old veneers to get an update, because her smile seemed to be yellow & dingy and not as life like & natural as wanted.


Carla’s consultation with Dr. Anderson included a conversation about how much dental technology has advanced in the past 30 years. She spent half of her life with her original veneers and loved her smile. But, over the past few years, she noticed that her veneers were looking yellow & dingy and the color was not as even as it had once been. Before her consultation, she didn’t realize she could have her smile updated with the most cutting-edge dental technology available for porcelain veneers that would reinvigorate her smile. That’s when she made the decision to replace her original 6 veneers with new porcelain veneers on her front teeth and get the smile she really wanted.


It’s amazing to see the transformation to Carla’s smile by replacing these 6 porcelain veneers. Look at the differences it made to the appearance of her front teeth:

  1. No more dingy smile with uneven coloring, due to Tetracycline stained teeth: Her smile is brighter and whiter.
  2. No more thick-looking front teeth: Her teeth are natural looking and beautiful.
  3. No more dark area between her teeth and gum line: Her gums look healthy and her teeth are a beautiful white throughout each tooth.
  • Upper picture (before photo) shows the dark discoloration around gum line and uneven color throughout original veneers
  • Bottom picture is the final image of the 6 new porcelain veneers showing Carla’s natural and beautiful smile.
    • Notice the level of detail and craftsmanship that can be achieved with porcelain veneers.
    • Porcelain Veneers are a more natural-looking cosmetic dentistry option.
    • Porcelain Veneers can cover teeth that are severely discolored or misshapen.
    • Porcelain Veneers can improve the symmetry of a smile.

These before and after images show the results of Carla’s updated smile with her new porcelain veneers. Like everyone, Carla wanted to feel beautiful and confident when she smiles. This is not a unique situation, as a beautiful smile is so very important to everyone, regardless of their age.

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We Believe: Everyone Should Want to Share Their Smile with the World  

Technology is constantly changing, and it is important to Dr. Anderson and his team of dental professionals to stay on the cutting edge of dental updates, that include new products, technology and options for procedures. From in-office whitening products to cosmetic dentistry options – the offices of Thomas L. Anderson, DDS and Associates are constantly learning and fine-tuning the art and science of their dental craft to deliver the results their patients want.

Whether their patients are gearing up for a big event (think Mother of the Bride) or they just want to feel more confident when they smile, Dr. Anderson’s team takes the time to consult with each patient and understand what they like and don’t like about their current smile and the result they want. Then, custom options are discussed, questions are answered and the process to achieving the smile of their dreams is put into action.

We love to enhance the smiles of our patients – because we love to see them smile! That is why we love dentistry: Our Patients. We are rewarded every day by helping them have a healthy smile that they love to show others. We believe that we all need share our smiles right now and always, because that’s how we show others our joy, compassion and love for one another. If you’re not happy with your smile, for any reason, we hope you’ll visit us, so we can understand what you do and don’t like about your current smile and how you’d like to see it transform, with a little help!

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