Comfort and Convenience

Preventive Dental Care

Our focus is on comfort dentistry and convenient dental care – We understand that going to the dentist isn’t everyone’s first choice for an afternoon away from work. Whether you are in our office for a high level smile makeover or a routine dental check up – our focus is your comfort.

Comfort Dentistry
– Flat Screen Televisions
– Therapeutic Pillows
– Nitrous Oxide Sedation
– DVD Movies and Music
– Refreshment Center
Convenient Dental Care
– Great with Children
– Same Day Emergency Care
– Free Wi-Fi
– Spanish interpretation available
– Handicap accessible
– Visa/Master Card/American Express/ Discover/CareCredit Accepted

Your comfort is our top priority

To make your experience as comfortable as possible we provide a gentle dentist, caring dentist and friendly dentist along with the following amenities:

Flat Screen Televisions: Ceiling mounted for easy viewing
Therapeutic Pillows: Heaven
Nitrous Oxide Sedation: To help you relax
DVD Movies and Music: All your favorites
Refreshment Center: Great selection for all taste

Convenience makes the difference

Being the best dentist in your area means you have to make things convenient for your patients, such as, financing for dental work, offer dentistry for kids and have a dentist open on Saturdays as well as the other following conveniences:

– Same Day Emergency Care: Your emergency is our priority
– Great with Children: We are all parents here
– Free Wi-Fi: Surf while you wait
– Handicap Accessible: See locations for instructions
– Spanish Speaking Interpretation:
– Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover/CareCredit Accepted