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Even the Pros use a Coach

After we meet you, talk with you, clean and examine your teeth; we start to get an idea of how you are doing in the dental health department. We see if you are doing great, average, or just plain terrible.

This is where dental coaching comes in. We are great at it because we have seen it all!

  • Some people do so well that a simple, “Great job! See you in 6 months” is just the trick.
  • Others need instructions on how to do a better job, such as: How to brush your teeth, How long to brush, and How to floss.
  • Maybe it’s a particular area that that is just hard to reach and is being missed, or an out of position tooth that is tricky to get clean.
  • Some just need advise on which toothpastes and brushes, manual or electric, would be a better choice for them.
  • We even have a few tricks up our sleeves for special circumstances.

Good coaches don’t lecture and scold you, but rather they take the time to learn what your personal needs are and how to help you become a healthier and happier you.

It is our calling to coach you, cheer you on, and encourage you to take great care of your pearly whites. Mostly, it’s that we care and want you to succeed. Your teeth are worth a fortune and we want them to last a lifetime.

We love being able to help our patients in this upbeat and encouraging way and hope you will let us be great coaches for you!

Colgate has a helpful guide on how to brush properly HERE.

Also, see the diagram on “How to floss your teeth” from the American Dental Association.