Mouth Guards and Retainers

Prevent Damage While You're Sleeping

Mouth Guards:

Only proper tooth shape and positioning can prevent occlusal trauma during everyday activity (eating, grinding, clenching, etc.).

Mouth guards, also referred to as bite guards, are an important tool for preventing these problems when they are the most damaging – while you are sleeping.

A bite guard acts as a mouth guard for grinding teeth and are the first, least invasive step in treating TMJ disorders and headaches that come from jaw stress. Jaw clenching and night-time grinding are becoming a big problem for many stressed out adults.

Signs include:

  • flattening of the front teeth
  • craters on the tops of teeth
  • notches in the sides of teeth
  • tired jaw muscles
  • headaches

Custom-fit mouth guards can be be a big lifesaver for patients who have suffered from clenching and grinding. Many patients who use a mouth guard tell us they don’t know how they ever lived without it.

Sports Mouth Guards:

If you or your children are playing any kind of sports, you need to protect your teeth. An accidental punch, tackle, or kick in the mouth can damage your teeth. Basketball and football are top offenders. Do your child and yourself a big favor and insist they wear a protective sports mouth guard. They can be made in a variety thicknesses and team colors to make any athlete happy.

Read the American Dental Association statement on Athletic Mouth Guards.


Once your teeth have been put into the proper alignment, it is important to retain them in position for life. Retainers will prevent relapse into crooked teeth that can lead to other problems.

We make traditional and “clear shell” vacuform Invisalign retainers. Both work great to protect your investment.