5 STAR Quality Dental Care from your Local Dentist

Have you ever had a “WOW!!!” experience from a fantastic five-star local dentist providing over-the-top quality dental care? If you answered yes, then you know how hard we work to make sure every patient leaves our dental offices feeling “WOWED!!”


We take great pride in our three dental offices to provide you with the best quality dental care possible.  If you have ever eaten at a nice restaurant or stayed at a fancy hotel, you see how hard the staff works to make your visit the very best it can be.  Every detail is given the utmost attention, because your experience is all that matters.

Now compare that “WOW Experience” to poor service at a low-quality, fast food chain or a low-rate motel.  These places are often dirty, the staff does not care and good luck getting anything resolved, if you have any problems or complaints.

Our commitment, to each of our patients, is to provide the highest quality dental care for you and your family.  We take pride in our dental offices being warm, friendly, clean and professional with the best dental customer service possible. Whether you are looking for convenient dental care, close to your home or office, urgent dental care, after hours or by special appointment, Thomas L. Anderson, DDS and Associates is here to offer you 5-star quality dental care every time!

A lot of people hate going to the dentist!

They may fear that something is going to hurt or it may be expensive to fix their teeth.

Often, just the sights and sounds of a dental office can trigger intense emotional anxiety.

The last thing anyone wants is a low-quality experience when they’re at the dentist.

No one would want to visit a dentist that is only interested in getting you in and out as fast as possible, without doing a thorough job in an unsanitary environment.

Do you want to fight with a mean, bossy front desk lady?  I don’t think so! We take pride in our patients telling us that they are happy to see us.  The front desk staff will help explain all of your financial obligations to you and work with your insurance company, so you don’t have any surprises with your billing.

How about getting your teeth cleaned by Attila the Hun, the angry hygienist?  We treat you like we would want our child, mom or grandma treated.   Our staff is fun, friendly and professional.

This is why our office stands out from most dental offices… we are ready to greet you with a friendly smile and make sure you’re comfortable during your stay.


After your treatment, we will give you a warm, lemon-scented face cloth to freshen up before leaving our dental home with a friendly goodbye.

At Thomas L. Anderson, DDS & Associates, we have five amazing dentists, each with qualities that will fit your needs and your personality.

Your comfort is our top priority and we strive to provide the best dental care possible in our spa-like offices.

Whether complimentary nitrous-oxide gas is required or painless injections, we do our best to keep you out of pain.

Our staff genuinely cares for our patients, because our patients are like our family.

We work to create relationships with our patients that last a lifetime.  We even have patients that do not live in the Kansas City area, but still fly into town just to come back to see their favorite Dentist! We provide pizzazz and the best customer service.

We greet you with a smile and take fantastic care of you.  The staff will make your visit very relaxing all your dental fears will be no more after you leave our dental offices.

  • We take pride in making sure you feel special throughout your visit
  • We resolve any issues you may have immediately
  • Our staff is friendly, full of smiles and personality
  • We value your referrals and your loyalty as a patient.  We promise to take very special care of your co-workers, family members and friends that you refer to our offices.
  • We make sure your insurance and financial questions are answered thoroughly

We want you to feel delighted, amazed, extremely satisfied and as though we exceeded all of your expectations when you leave one of our three dental offices.  Offering five-star quality dental care and service to every patient is our goal … from the beginning to the end of your visit, we will strive to “WOW” you each and every time you visit the offices of Thomas L. Anderson, DDS and Associates!