How to Maximize Dental Insurance Benefits for 2019

Want to ensure that your dental insurance benefits are being used to the fullest? We’re here to help you maximize dental insurance benefits for 2019 with our guidelines and tips! Don’t waste your remaining 2019 dental benefits, Use’ Em!! Read more here.

Dental Insurance Tips:

  • Oral health and overall wellbeing are closely linked. Research has connected gum disease to many health problems, such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and more. Early detection of gum disease can also help detect any other health issues that may be going on. When your mouth is healthy, your body is happy because everything in your body is intertwined. Read more here on gum disease and health.
  • Preventative care is essential. When you’re on top of your oral healthcare, you’re making the most of your benefits. Oftentimes, preventative visits are free, so be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if your preventive visits are fully covered. Preventative visits help you keep on top of your oral health and detect any issues. It’s a win, win!
  • Make sure your whole family is covered by your dental insurance. Coverage for your whole family is essential, and having multiple people covered on your plan can result in some major discounts and savings. Talk with your insurance provider to find the best family plan that works for you and maximize dental insurance benefits and savings.

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Maximize Dental Insurance Benefits

  • Check into orthodontic insurance. If you know braces are in your, or your family’s near future, check and see if your dental insurance plan comes with orthodontic coverage. If not, this may be something you’ll want to investigate to save on the cost of Invisalign invisible braces or traditional braces.
  • Make sure your dentist is on the PPO provider list. Not every dentist will be included on your insurance plan, so before making an appointment, make sure your visit will be covered!
  • Know your annual maximum. Each year, you will have an annual maximum that your insurance plan will pay for you and your family. This varies by each plan and insurance company, so keep that in mind when choosing your plan. When you don’t use all your benefits and reach your maximum, the remaining funds will not rollover into the next year. Therefore, scheduling out your treatments/appointments will help you reach you maximize dental insurance benefits and if possible, not exceed them.

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