Dental Insurance: Maximize Your 2018 Benefits (Don’t Lose ‘Em!)


Dental insurance benefits are great perks that allow you to cover your dental treatments, so your next cleaning or alternate dental procedure becomes more affordable. However, like with all good things, these benefits come to an end. Failing to use them by year-end means you forfeit those benefits. It’s essential that you maximize the benefits you’re entitled to, so you can save more of your earnings while still addressing oral health concerns.

How Dental Insurance Benefits Work

Whenever your employer grants you dental insurance benefits, they come with a catch. Many dental insurance providers stipulate that you must use your benefits by December 31, or else you forfeit them. Failing to make a dentist appointment before then will cost you, as those benefits don’t roll over or automatically renew when a new year comes.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, just 2.8% of people who have Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental plans reach their annual maximum. Whether you have a benefits plan or have a Flexible Spending Account, the December 31 deadline holds. Some dental insurance plans may end at different times of the year, so you may want to double check with your employer what the terms of your dental insurance are.

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While You Delay, Your Teeth Decay

Though dental procedures can seem scary, avoiding them will only make the situation worse; Treating any oral issue, whether a toothache or damaged teeth, should be taken seriously. You need to seek help for the current issue and take preventative measures to avoid recurring problems. Preventative procedures are fully covered too, which eases the pressure when making an initial visit.

Booking an appointment in the summer or autumn is a smart decision. Waiting until year-end and discovering you need more work than you thought can lead to extra visits and costlier procedures. You’re only putting more money into the insurance company’s pocket by letting your benefits expire. Take advantage of your dental insurance when it’s valid and while you have time for possible follow-up visits.


Maximize Your Money and Negotiate

If you’re trying to maximize the dental insurance plan you have, know that dental services are negotiable.

It’s easy to assume that just because you have insurance, the quoted cost of any dental procedure is the actual cost. There is a minimal amount for each procedure, but the dental office or clinic providing the service determines the maximum charge.

The staff at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates can work with you to determine the best action plan. Some dental treatments can be carried out in phases, and as a result, your remaining dental benefits in 2018 can be used to start treatment while that treatment can be completed when your dental insurance benefits are renewed in 2019. You can get discounts too, which helps as some insurers may not cover one hundred percent of most procedures.

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Make sure you inform yourself of the specifications and limitations of your insurance and don’t hesitate to ask the professional team at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates how we can help you. Book your appointment now!


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