Avoid Tooth Extraction: Can Your Tooth be Saved?



When you’re dealing with an infected tooth, it may seem like pulling it is the only option available. Is that always the case? Not necessarily. Sometimes pulling a tooth may be the easiest choice, but not the best choice in the long run. It will ultimately always be your choice to make, so let’s look at some facts to get you ready to make that decision to avoid tooth extraction or move forward, if you ever need to.

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Advantages of Saving a Tooth

We know that our natural teeth are awesome! Here’s some major advantages to avoid tooth extraction or keep your natural tooth and not extracting it:

  • Natural teeth are strong and durable. Our natural teeth are stronger than artificial teeth and can function better as well. Although our technology with artificial teeth is better than ever and exceptionally reliable, they won’t be exactly the same as our natural teeth in form, function, and strength.
  • Shifting teeth. When you get a tooth extracted, it will create a gap in our smile. This can create shifting in the rest of our teeth – sometimes creating a domino effect and resulting in multiple teeth shifting and our bite alignment could change because of this. If you have a missing tooth, you may be a candidate for dental implants.
  • Youthful look. The gap resulting from tooth extraction can make the bone collapse and make us look older than we are in appearance if we leave that gap open.
  • Loosing a tooth can cause a loss in confidence because patients can become self-conscious about any gaps in their smile.
  • Less pain and visits. Recovering from a tooth extraction can be painful, and a crown, bridge, or other dental appliance may be needed to fill in that gap from the lost tooth.

Can Your Tooth Be Saved?

Root canals can be tooth savers for infected teeth! Root canals clean out the infection inside the tooth and remove any infected pulp. If the root canal is successful, you can get a crown over your tooth and restore the function of your bite. Recovery time is short, and you can avoid tooth extraction and save your natural tooth. Learn Why is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

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When to Extract

While saving a tooth is important, there are times when extraction is the best option. This often happens when a tooth is cracked below the gum line, or there are several cracks. This will make the tooth too weak to undergo a root canal and be restored. If the tooth is not strong enough for this procedure, extraction is often the best choice for the health of the mouth. Have a discussion with your dentist about all your options to see if saving or extracting is the best for your oral health.

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Tooth Extraction in Kansas City

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