Your Summertime Dental Appointment and Your Kansas City Dentist

It’s finally summer time in Kansas City!! Finally!! The rainy season is over, Brush Creek is getting lower and it’s time to get on with summertime. The pools are open and finally the kids can jump into the water, and it seems like everybody’s going to the lake for the weekend.  School is out (for a few more weeks), restaurants are open, and the concert season is in full swing!! Nobody wants to think about anything but having fun. The last thing anyone wants to do is schedule a dental appointment at their Kansas City Dentist…..except our patients. Why? Because our patients know that our offices are quick, easy, and conveniently located and accessible from anywhere in the area.  

country-club-plaza-dentistAs your Kansas City Dentist, summertime is when you go to our Country Club Plaza Dentist office for summertime dental bleaching that puts the sizzle in your smile and matches the sun in your hair. Cool drinks, cool breezes and fabulous shopping are all around. Our Country Club Plaza Dentist office is a great place to have your new Porcelain Veneers performed.  Comfortable setting and beautiful surroundings compliment your new smile in ways that will make you feel alive and years younger. Your Kansas City Dentists on the Country Club Plaza is certainly a great choice for you to enjoy a little beauty outdoors while you are taking care of your pearly whites. 





If your Country Club Plaza Dentist office is too far of a drive… not worry.   With our Downtown dentist office and as dentist in Independence MO, we have you covered, wherever you are in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. With a total of three dental offices in Kansas City, it’s easy for us to be your Kansas City Dentist no matter where you live or work.





As your Downtown Kansas City dentist, you can come for the new and exciting Downtown experience. From the River Market boutiques to the Power and Light District, our Kansas City Dentist office can take care of your dental needs in a jiffy and let you get on with your exploration of the old and new that Downtown Kansas City has to offer. If you work Downtown, why take a half day of vacation to get your teeth cleaned?  Our downtown dental office in Kansas City gets your dental hygiene needs met without skipping a beat. For the thousands of people who now reside and work in Downtown Kansas City, our downtown dental office is designed for your convenience with lunch-time appointments, early or late appointments and our easy access next to the new trolley line in the Commerce Bank Arcade. 

If you need a dentist in Independence MO, our Kansas City Dentist office is just what the dentist ordered!  A lively place with friendly people, situated just south of Independence Center, our Kansas City dentist location takes care of thousands of people in the Independence, Lee’s Summit, Raytown, and Blue Springs areas.  Our dentist in Independence MO office is at the crossroads of fun and entertainment that takes care of families, emergencies, and provides high level general and cosmetic dental care.

Since Kansas City is really a conglomeration of communities spread out over a very large area, it can be difficult for people to get from one place to the other without a considerable drive.  For example, if you live in Overland Park and that is where your current dentist’s office is located, but work in Downtown Kansas City, you would have to drive home to see your Kansas City Dentist and then drive back Downtown to finish up work. If you move from Midtown to Independence, you would have to drive back and forth, if you wished to continue to see your Kansas City Dentist in that area. Nobody wants to hassle with driving all over the metro area, so people look for ways to streamline their lives.  Having multiple locations across the city, makes it easy for people to see the Kansas City Dentist that they choose to see in a way that is convenient and efficient for them.

dental-appointmentOur three Kansas City Dentist offices take care of the entire metro area year around. With four dentists, our flexible Monday thru Friday hours for dental appointments, weekend appointments, and emergency care, our Kansas City Dentist offices can take care of all your dental appointment needs and be there for you when you need us.

Summertime is the most wonderful time of the year. The Kansas City Royals are in first place.  First Fridays and the River Market are booming. Outdoor music is playing on the patios of the Country Club Plaza. Lakes and fishing holes are heating up. Everything is green and the days are long. Summertime is a time to get caught up and live it up. It is also the time to enjoy extra time with your family. Summertime is the perfect time when people also try to finish up their dental care for their kids and themselves before the hectic months of fall and winter arrive. 

Enjoy your summertime in Kansas City… and if you need a Kansas City Dentist, look no further!! We have you covered!! Spend your time enjoying your summer by making your dental appointment quick, convenient and easy… for you and contact us today!