Your New Dentist in Independence MO


dentist-independence-mo.jpgIf you are searching for a dentist in the Independence, Missouri area, your search ends here at Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates!  Our four gentle dentists in Independence Mo, Dr. Thomas L. Anderson, Dr. Ellis Thigpen, Dr. Darren Perry, and Dr. Jason Beckman believe in creating and maintaining optimal dental hygiene for all patients.  With their skills combined, there is rarely a need for us to send our patients out to expensive specialists.  Our doctors practice general and restorative dentistry, correct malocclusion using Invisalign, place traditional and mini implants, cosmetic veneers, and even the most difficult of endodontic and oral surgery treatments.  This is a great perk for our patients because they seldom want another doctor’s care after they have grown to trust us.  We bring a friendly and relaxing feel to dentistry making our office the best dentist Independence Mo can offer.

There are many reasons our patients’ smiles are brighter under our dentists’ care, but one strong reason is how much we focus on preventative care.  If you ask any dental professional what the most important preventative product is to date, they will all answer: fluoride.  Fluoride has been dentistry’s greatest success in preventing cavities.  The benefits of fluoride help keep teeth healthy and cavity free in many different circumstances. 

Let’s say you are taking medications that cause you to have dry mouth.  A decrease in saliva increases your chances of getting cavities.  Fluoride treatments can help reduce the risk for decay in this population.  Many patients suffer from sensitivity due to recession and root exposure, but professional fluoride treatments help make the root surface stronger, less sensitive, and more resistant to cavities.  Have you ever had crown or bridge work done?  Guess what? A fluoride varnish treatment done every six months at your cleaning appointment helps protect the margins of these restorations.  This decreases the chances of getting recurrent decay around your crowns making your restorations last longer.  This is why our practice offers our patients’ fluoride treatments at every six-month checkup appointment.  Making our office the best preventative care dentist Independence Mo has in the area. 

What is fluoride anyway?  Fluoride is a mineral that can be found naturally in food and water.  Fluoride treatments help strengthen tooth enamel and repair any holes in it by replacing the nutrients that are lost overtime.  After your teeth have been exposed to fluoride, they tend to become more resistant to acid, making it less likely to get a cavity in the future. 

Here is an interesting fact for you: Did you know that sharks cannot get cavities in their teeth?  It’s true!  Their carnivorous teeth may be terrifying, but they are also models of oral health.  Studies have shown that their outer coating of tooth, similar to our enamel, is made up of one hundred percent fluoride!  I guess that solves the mystery of how sharks maintain a cavity-free mouth!

dentist-in-independence-mo.jpgWe are not all fluoride and flossing lectures, we like to have fun too!  You will not find another dentist in Independence Mo that does as much patient pampering as we do!  We offer an experience that feels more like visiting a friend’s home, than going to some impersonal clinic.  We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff whose number one concern is the patient getting the best dental care with comfort and ease.  Even the patient with the most severe dental anxiety can feel right at home after we have dipped their hands in paraffin hand wax, placed them on relaxing nitrous oxide, and put on one of their favorite movies.  One of the first things we do once you have arrived for your appointment is take you to our paraffin hand wax station.  Paraffin wax is used often in salons to remove dead skin and moisturize your hands.  Once removed your hands feel soft and smooth with a pleasant scent.  There is no better feeling for your dry skin in the winter months, but this hand wax experience can make you feel pampered year round!  The effects of the paraffin wax accomplish more than just soft hands.  This wax is also used in heat therapy which makes it great for our patients that suffer from arthritis.  This relaxing wax increases blood flow, improves joint stiffness, and reduces pain.  No other dentist in Independence Mo can spoil you like a spa! That is just one way we make our patients feel special, we also offer nitrous oxide to all patients to help them get through their appointment with ease.  Movies and concert DVD’s can be viewed during your appointment, and much more!  Congratulations on finding your new dental family in Independence Mo!  With our high-end preventative care program you can leave your dental appointment every six months cavity free!

If you are looking for a dentist in Independence Mo, you have found your forever dental home with Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and AssociatesMake an appointment at our Independence Mo location today or one of our other two convenient Kansas City locations!