Why We Love Guardian Dental


Guardian-DentalWe love being a preferred provider for Guardian Dental because they are one of the best dental insurance plans our patients can get to provide them with the most beneficial coverage.  When our patients use their PPO plan with Guardian Dental at our office, they are getting quality dental service at a guaranteed rate which Guardian Dental sets for all offices. If you are unfamiliar with the term PPO, it means Preferred Provider Organization.  That allows you, as the patient, to go anywhere usually. But if you do go to a Preferred Provider, you will get a reduced rate on your dental treatment.  Another type of dental insurance plan could be an HMO plan where you are required to go to the dentist(s) Guardian Dental tells you to, otherwise they will not pay benefits and you, as the patient, will be required to pay in full at the dental office. This greatly reduces your choices, whether you visit a particular location, times available and even treatment available to you. 

Guardian Dental PPO plans allow you to choose your dentist and not be assigned one, and allows you to get the dental treatment you want, and not just whatever may be the cheapest for the dental insurance company to pay.  

Having Guardian Dental can provide you with a maximum benefit per year that is reasonable and does not limit you to the most minimal of treatment to get you by.  With a $1500-$2000 calendar benefit, this allows our patients to complete more dental treatment than they would be able to complete with some other plans.  We have found Guardian Dental insurance to be very reasonable with the dental benefits they provide and usually very straightforward.  Having the typical 100% coverage for Preventative (usually exams, cleanings and xrays), and 80% coverage for the Restorative group (fillings, endodontics, periodontal services , extractions) and 50% for the Major services (which normally include crowns, onlays, bridges, dentures and partials) allows our patients to fully utilize their benefits without all the financial burden on themselves.

We have been in our relationship with Guardian Dental for such a long period of time that we have gotten to know their general policies, coverage and restrictions well.  With so many of our patients covered by Guardian Dental insurance, we have filed a magnitude of claims with them and have found them to be one of the most straightforward dental insurance companies to deal with. 

Going to a preferred provider for Guardian Dental means you will always get the best coverage.  Staying “In Network” means you will have less out of pocket copays, deductibles and fewer restrictions on your dental treatment.  With so many new dental insurance companies coming and going, we are happy to continue being a PPO provider for Guardian Dental, as we have found them to be beneficial to getting the dental treatment our patients need.

dental-insurance-planGuardian dental insurance has long provided coverage for a multitude of services, including emergency treatment you may need.  Broken teeth or toothaches always seem to happen at the most inopportune times, and knowing that you will be able to get an appointment and have your dental needs addressed in a timely manner can be a great relief.  We will verify your coverage with Guardian Dental insurance and be able to provide you with your benefit breakdown estimate so you will be aware of the costs to you, if any. 

All of our Dentists in all three of our locations are providers with Guardian Dental and are available to give you the best care possible.  Please contact us with any questions you may have on your dental policy with Guardian Dental, and we will be happy to answer them!  We look forward to our continued relationship with you, as our patient, and with Guardian Dental as a Preferred Provider.