Why is it so hard to find a dentist open on Saturday?


For a lot of people, getting simple tasks done is an everyday battle.  People are rushing around getting to their jobs, picking kids up from daycares and soccer practices and making sure dinner and house chores get done.  When is there time to get you and your family to the dentist?  Sure some people have flexible schedules where making appointments is a breeze, but what about all the people out there working 9-5 jobs? The vast majority of dental offices are only open Monday through Thursday, which even makes getting an appointment on a Friday a struggle.  With these limited times to make an appointment for a cleaning, many people are forced to use their vacation days to get in to see a dentist. 

Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates noticed the demand for a dentist open on Saturday, and delivered for their patients.  With our available Saturday and lunch hour appointment times our patients have gone back to using their vacation days for what they are really meant for… vacationing! 

Our four gentle dentists, Dr. Thomas L. Anderson, Dr. Ellis Thigpen, Dr. Darren Perry, and Dr. Jason Beckman believe in creating and maintaining optimal dental hygiene.  With their skills combined there is rarely a need to send our patients to a specialist.  Our doctors practice general and restorative dentistry, correct malocclusion usingInvisalign, place traditional and mini implants, cosmetic veneers, and even the most difficult of endodontic and oral surgery procedures.  This is a great perk for our patients because there is very seldom a specialist dentist open on Saturday.  If you have ever suffered from tooth pain, then you know that it is not something that can wait through the weekend!  When you are having tooth pain you need relief quickly, this is why we make sure our dentist is open Saturday, takes same day emergency patients, and even lunch hour appointments.  We always want to be here when you need us! 

We are not only a dentist open on Saturday; we are also the best choice for your dental care.  The services we offer our patients are gentle and cutting edge, using only the best labs the area has to offer and a light touch that keeps you from returning home sore and uncomfortable.  Most dentists use mass production labs giving their patients restorations that look fake and are ill fitting, causing bigger problems down the road.  We use a boutique laboratory that makes the most natural, perfect fit restorations possible.  We bring a friendly and relaxing feel to dentistry and strive to make even the highest anxiety of patients feel at ease. 

We have three convenient locations to choose from: Downtown Kansas City, Independence/Lee’s Summit, and the Country Club Plaza.  Our Downtown location makes it easy for a business person to pop in for an appointment over their lunch break.  At our Independence / Lee Summit office it’s easy to make an appointment on your way into work, or after picking up kids from school.  Our patients also love coming to our Country Club Plaza location where after your appointment you can do some shopping, or meet a friend for lunch!  Our patients often visit more than one of our locations, depending on what part of town they are in on each particular day. 

With Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates’ flexible appointment times, we have been taking on more and more new patients, helping them maintain the beautiful smiles they deserve.  Call and make an appointment at one of our three convenient locations.  We are your dentist open on Saturday!