Why Do We Love Cigna Dental?

Cigna-Dental-1.pngWe love Cigna Dental! Why do we love Cigna dental? It’s because they are beneficial to our patients! You are unique, and so are your dental needs. At Cigna dental, they get that. Whether you only need an annual visit to the dentist for a cleaning or are looking for more coverage for services like crowns, root canals, and orthodontia, Cigna dental has an option for you. They offer a variety of dental plans to make it easy for you to find one that fits your one-of-a kind needs. And every plan comes with valuable coverage and services to help you reach your one-of-a-kind oral health goals!

We have been a Cigna dental provider with their PPO plans for many years now, and know that our patients with Cigna PPO plans are receiving quality care at guaranteed rates set in place by Cigna Dental. If you are unfamiliar with the term PPO, it means Preferred Provider Organization. That allows you, as the patient, to go anywhere usually. But if you do go to a Preferred Provider, you will get a reduced rate on your dental treatment. Cigna dental PPO plans allow you to choose your dentist and not be assigned one. This allows you to get the dental treatment you want, and not just whatever may be the cheapest for the insurance company to pay!

Cigna dental makes it easy for you and your Cigna dental provider to access your benefits and plan information. One thing you as a customer should look for when deciding on an insurance company is easy access to information! When you first visit Cigna Dental’s website, you’ll notice that they feature a great deal of information that is organized into helpful sections. This allows you to visit the specific areas that contain the information that is most relevant to you. It can save you time, and also help to better understand your benefits. Cigna dental also provides a 24/7/365 customer services line to speak with a trained professional who can provide counseling, support and answers to your dental related questions.

Having Cigna dental coverage can provide you with a maximum benefit per year that is reasonable and does not limit you to only minimal treatment. With many plans offering $1000-$2000 calendar benefit, this allows our patients to complete more dental treatment than they would be able with many other plans. Being a Cigna dental provider has allowed us to see that Cigna dental plans provide good coverage at a reasonable price. Having the typical 100% coverage for Preventative (usually exams, cleanings and xrays), and 80% coverage for the Restorative group (fillings, endodontic, periodontal services, extractions) and 50% for the Major services (which normally include crowns, bridges, onlays, dentures and partials) allows our patients to fully utilize their benefits without all the financial burden on themselves.

At the offices of Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, each of our dentists at all three conveniently located offices are Cigna dental providers, and are ready to give you the best quality care possible. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our patients. We are fun, our dentists are fun, and we are ready for you to join us! Our dental team has four highly skilled, friendly gentle dentists ready to take care of your oral health. If you have any questions with your current or future Cigna dental insurance policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to review your policy!