When Halloween Treats Turn Sour… My Tooth Hurts!


Yikes!!! It’s that time of year again! Everywhere you go candy and treats taunt you at every turn.  It can be difficult passing by the candy jar without sneaking a piece… or two; those fun size candy bars are so tiny, one hardly even counts, right?!?!  Halloween is spooky enough as is, but it can become really scary if you have a toothache!


Cracked tooth pain can be excruciating. Just ask someone who has had a bad toothache and they will recount their horror story.  Scary words like root canal, cracked or broken tooth, or extraction may be easily prevented if you just take the proper steps and follow some simple rules.  So, what are the keys to avoid tooth pain and and the need for emergency dental services, you ask?

Well, the first is… make sure you have one of the best dentists in Kansas City.  You want a gentle dentist who is caring, close by and who specializes in painless as well as cosmetic dentistry.  You are in luck, because Dr. Anderson & Associates has great dentists and a caring staff at all 3 of their KC locations.

Being proactive rather than reactive is essential when it comes to the health of your teeth.  You want to schedule a dental appointment a minimum of 2 times each year for routine check-ups, cleanings and examinations to maintain healthy gums and teeth and keep your smile looking its best (and to avoid emergency dental services and appointments). 

You just searched “how to get rid of a toothache” … but, it’s much easier to AVOID a toothache entirely!! Beware of hard candy!  Don’t chew ice or jaw breakers.  These super hard goodies may be tasty, but can crack your teeth or fillings.  This in turn can cause cracked tooth pain and the need for more fillings, crowns, bridges, etc. 

Still complaining, “My tooth hurts?!?!” Limit sugar and sweets, which can lead to cavities and tooth decay.  Also, acidic beverages, like soda pop, energy drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol can all be destructive to your teeth enamel. Remember, you wanted to know how to get rid of a toothache or avoid it entirely?!?!

What does a cracked tooth feel like?  You may not feel anything. But more likely, you will notice cracked tooth pain when biting or chewing.  You might experience extreme sensitivity to hot or cold.  Regardless of your symptoms, the sooner you get it fixed, the better chance you have of avoiding a root canal, an extraction, the need for a bridge or implant and related emergency dental services.


Dracula, The Wolfman, and Jack-O-Lantern all make a living with their teeth.  They wouldn’t be caught dead, or undead, complaining that “My tooth hurts!!”  Let’s face it, Dracula with dentures doesn’t have the same impact.  Take a note from these famed teeth experts and make your dental appointment this Halloween!











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And have a Happy Halloween!!