What is the Best Deal in Dentistry? Teeth Whitening

A few days ago, I was in an ornery mood when I walked into a popular Chinese restaurant on the Plaza. As in most Chinese restaurants, they have the white board with neon ink showing the nightly specials. Chicken was that day’s special with a bevy of different sauces. After being seated and talking with the server, I asked, “What is the best deal here?” She did not know what I meant so I explained, “you know, what is the best entre for the dollar?” She told me the best deal was to order the chicken with vegetables and order it spicy. She said it was the same as the Chicken Hunan but cost a dollar less. Wow, pretty neat to know.

Armed with my new and intriguing question, I asked my friend’s daughter who worked at Target what the best deal at Target was. She told me it was hard to say, but the best deals in the store are at the end caps facing the walls away from the main isles.  That is where they put items that are marked at low margins and they know smart shoppers will eventually scoop up. So now I know were the good deals are at Target also.

It really is a fun question to ask a store clerk, waiter or whomever. And it got me thinking, what is the best deal in dentistry? A cleaning and full set of x rays is over $200. Two tooth-color fillings is over $300 and a root canal can be $500-$1000. A porcelain crown can be $1000 or more. And other than the dental cleaning, none of these procedures are much fun to have done.

So what is the best deal in dentistry?

teeth-whiteningThe answer is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a tried and true, safe and effective way to whiten your teeth and beautify your smile. You can even appear younger, as teeth whitening detracts from wrinkles and gives your skin a healthy glow. It improves your overall self-esteem, making you feel better about yourself. A bright smile is perceived to be a healthy smile.

Teeth whitening (or teeth bleaching) is a 1-day visit to our dental office to be fitted for a custom teeth whitening tray. After your first whitening, you are given a brief tutorial and you are on your way to a newer, brighter, better you. Total cost, $90.

Hard to believe you can get all of your upper teeth  lightened, beautified and whitened for such a low price. Just one posterior tooth-colored filling costs twice that and nobody can even see it!  If you have not tried teeth whitening, then you have not been able to enjoy all the benefits that come with having a brighter smile.

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Millions of people have figured out that teeth whitening is the best deal at the dentist’s office.

Whiten your teeth for a smile that looks like a million bucks!

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