What is Cosmetic Dentistry?


Cosmetic and restorative dentistry, most simply put is the enhancement of your smile to make you look and feel your very best.  Of course, the health and function of your teeth and gums is our # 1 concern.  But, why sacrifice beauty to achieve optimal health?  Cosmetic Dentistry just means that we place your smile’s appearance and preservation of its beauty at a high level as well.  Cosmetic Dentistry encompasses more than just making your smile look its best.  We strive to make every aspect of your appointment as close to 5-star as possible.  From your treatment over the phone to the comfort and amenities during your visit cosmetic dentistry conveys a spa-like atmosphere.


describe the imageFamily and cosmetic dentistry has evolved.  The days of drill and fill are in the past.  Painful visits to the dentist and a mouthful of metal as a result are no longer what you should expect.  Cosmetic Dentistry means enjoying an atmosphere where you are pampered, not tortured.  It means your dentist is more like an artist than a carpenter.  Re-building a damaged tooth, or fixing a less than spectacular smile is a special skill beyond just patch and repair.  It involves proper planning, an eye for beauty, and the skills and techniques to perform.  Cosmetic dentistry involves an entire team including skilled and caring dentists, friendly and accommodating staff, and world class laboratory technicians.


New advances in dental materials and methods have evolved to allow dentistry to become more of an art form then ever before.  Amalgam and metal fillings have been around for ages, but now we have tooth-colored composites and porcelain that can serve as good, or better than their old silver counterparts.  Everyone has seen a car on the road that has one door or panel that is a different color than the rest of the car.  That’s kind of what a metal filling looks like in your mouth.  It may be functioning ok, but if you have the option, wouldn’t you choose the door that looks like the rest of the car?  Even more, you are not sacrificing strength or longevity with esthetic choices.  In many cases there may only be minimal differences in cost that would allow you to enjoy a much better looking result.


cosmetic-dentistry-kansas-cityEveryone can appreciate a beautiful smile.  We feel it is the most important physical feature a person can have.  A beautiful smile conveys youth, health, happiness, and friendliness.  An attractive smile makes you more likely to get a date with that guy or girl that you like.  It gives you confidence and draws others to you.  It can improve your chances of getting that new job or promotion.  FACT:  People are more approachable if they are smiling, and that smile looks great!  Studies have shown that people are perceived as not just nicer or more attractive, but even smarter than their peers who do not smile.  This seems crazy, but it’s true!  People just assume that someone with a confident smile has good reason to be confident.  Obviously, improving your smile will not add points to your IQ, but it can affect how others perceive you.


Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry is comprised of principles in art, nature and mathematics.  We use the same proportions in creating ideal and perfect smiles that Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci used in creating their masterpieces.  Smile proportions are created with a “golden rule” in mind.  Symmetry and balance are key aspects in creating a smile that is a true work of art.  Each person’s smile and teeth are individual and one of a kind, just like a sculpture or painting.


There are several factors that go into creating beautiful smiles.  First and foremost, your teeth need to be clean and healthy.  Proper home care and regular dental cleanings can help assure having a beautiful smile. Refraining from consuming coffee, tea, red wine, soda pop and other discoloring food and beverages can help to eliminate staining on your teeth. Gums should be pink and healthy, not swollen, red, puffy and inflamed.  Broken teeth, chips, cracks and fractures should be fixed.  Discolorations, cavities, and decayed teeth should be restored to their original shade or better. Teeth should be straight and properly aligned not just for esthetics, but for healthy bite and jaw relationship.


A common misconception is that cosmetic dentistry or improving your smile will cost you a fortune. Smile enhancement can come in all kinds of different ways, and some are very affordable and cost effective. Cosmetic teeth whitening or bleaching is both easy and affordable. A brighter, whiter smile is an essential aspect of creating a fantastic smile.  Tooth colored composite fillings or bonding can address minimally invasive spots or pits that may be developing in teeth.  Small chips and gaps often can be repaired easily with bonding, and may not require any shots or drilling!  Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to make a more dramatic change.  Veneers allow us to create a new smile that is custom shaped, colored, and contoured for each individual’s mouth.  Invisalign is also a great way to cosmetically enhance you smile, by straightening your smile and closing gaps between teeth.


When searching for cosmetic dentistry Kansas City, we hope you’ll call our office to schedule a consultation in one of our three conveniently located offices in the Kansas City area. Our doctor team believes that cosmetic dentistry is a great way to make your smile its best.  Take advantage of one of the many ways to improve your best feature, your smile!