We Want To Be Your Independence Cosmetic Dentist


What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry that improves your smile. The intention is to always give you that “Hollywood Smile” no matter what your starting point is. The nice thing is that you won’t have to travel to Hollywood to get a red carpet smile, because we can be your Independence cosmetic dentist!


There are many different materials and techniques used to create these beautiful new smiles such as:

Whitening/BleachingCosmetic Teeth Whitening is usually the beginning of any cosmetic treatment because any material that will be added to the tooth as part of the cosmetic process will not change color and thus it is important to establish a new whiter shade before adding anything.

Composite Bonding – Bonding is also known as a “filling” however in cosmetic dentistry, bonding is typically initiated to correct a cosmetic issue as opposed to a decay issue. The bonding process involves micro-roughening the tooth surface and bonding a tooth-colored plastic like material that is custom fitted to shape, color, surface texture and contour to create an ideal smile.

Veneers – Veneers are porcelain restorations that fit over the front portion of your tooth. They can change the shape, size, color, texture, and even visually change the position of a tooth while being very conservative in tooth structure removal. These types of restorations are constructed in our high-end dental laboratory.

Bridges – Bridges can close a space caused by a missing tooth, thus restoring and improving the smile’s appearance. These types of restorations are also constructed in our dental lab. Bridges are permanently bonded to your teeth. 

Crowns – Crowns also called “caps” completely change the entire shape of the visible part of a tooth. In cosmetic dentistry they can be used in place of veneers when a patient is not an ideal candidate for veneers.

Dentures – When teeth are unsalvageable, dentures are an affordable and highly cosmetic option. Dentures are acrylic “plates” (that are removable) with fixed porcelain or acrylic teeth.  Each night dentures are removed to clean them and give the underlying oral tissues a chance to “air out” which helps prevent microbial growth and sore spots.

Are you in need of an Independence cosmetic dentist? Thomas L. Anderson and Associates would love to be your new Independence cosmetic dentist. Our Independence dental office is conveniently located at 291 hwy and 40 hwy. Our office is open Monday-Friday and we are always accepting new patients. We pride ourselves in providing quality dental treatment to each person that comes through our door and look forward to being your dentist in Independence MO.

independence-cosmetic-dentistCosmetic dentistry can be a frightening thing to consider, but knowing that you are in good hands helps to ease anxiety. At our office we try to also provide some amenities to help you feel more relaxed. We have a large library of music videos and movies that you are able to view during your dental appointment. Screens have been mounted to the ceiling of each operatory in order to make viewing easy for our patients while we work on your smile. We also have a warm paraffin hand dip that you can choose to do to make your hands nice and soft. Our office strives to make each visit have a relaxing spa-like atmosphere.

Our four Independence cosmetic dentists have been created beautiful new smiles through cosmetic dentistry for years. They have been working with the same local, high-end dental laboratory for several years now to create smile makeovers. They work together with you to reconstruct a beautiful new smile that you will love. Careful pre-planning with our cosmetic dentists is done with you and our lab to ensure that you will be happy with your new smile.


If you are interested in finding an Independence cosmetic dentist, we would be happy to do a consult with you!