We Love Family Dentistry!!


When you look at all of the benefits of working with a family dentist to treat your family … the decision becomes an easy one to make!

When the entire family works with the same dental office, they can all work together to improve their dental health. As a matter of fact, we’ve witnessed many competitions between siblings as to who had the fewest cavities, OR … better yet, ZERO cavities!! As parents, we love to see our children taking their oral health seriously… even if it is to compete with a brother or sister!

Families tend to visit the dentist on a more regular basis when they all work with the same dentist (or dentists, in our case!) We work with generations of families and have watched our patients and their families grow up to have families of their own! We feel like our family gets a little bigger every time that happens … we love our little patients!! Attending regularly scheduled appointments with the same dentist builds each family member’s sense of comfort and level of trust. When a family has a family dentist, they view them as a visiting a friend, especially for the younger members of your family.

Look at it from your child’s perspective, there is a natural sense of fear of the unknown that comes along with a dental appointment. There are unfamiliar people, equipment, sounds, smells … these visits can be pretty overwhelming for a small child. Not unlike an annual visit to the pediatrician; kiddos are smart, they know that another shot might be waiting for them at the doctor’s or pediatrician’s office!!

The difference is clear when your child you and your family are greeted by a familiar smiling face! This immediately reduces the level of anxiety; helps the child (or adult) relax and makes their family dentistry appointment go much smoother for everyone! At the same time, we can see the look of relief (and sometimes a sigh of relief) from the parents, when their child is excited to see their friendly family dentist! A lot of them are even more excited to pick their favorite movie or cartoon to watch during their appointment … we have many requests to continue watching, even after our job is done! Not to mention the treasure box; a reward awaits every kiddo for visiting us!!

It’s also very practical for the entire family to visit the same dental practice. It makes it convenient too … you bring your kiddos to the dentist and you’re all treated during the same visit! Nothing is more annoying than having to schedule multiple appointments at multiple offices with multiple doctors!! You’re busy, we get it! Our family dentistry practice even has three different office locations to add to your convenience! You can visit us on The Country Club Plaza, Downtown Kansas City and Independence … you can take your pick! A great family dentistry office will help your family stay on track with their scheduled appointments and they’ll look forward to going to the dentist!

At Thomas L. Anderson DDS and Associates, we offer the basic dentistry that every family needs and more! Very seldom do we ever need to refer our patients to a specialist. Our family dentistry can handle every dental situation from dental exams and cleanings to extractions and Invisalign invisible braces. This saves you time and we can help you with scheduling at your convenience and even send you a reminder before your appointment date!

When your family is able to look forward to their dental visits, you know you have found the right family dentistry office. 

At Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, we look forward to working with you and your family as your family dentist offering quality, affordable family dentistry. It is important to our dental team that we help you and your family maintain your dental health and wellbeing! Please contact one of our three offices today to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you and becoming your family dentist!