We LOVE Dentistry for Kids!

Kids are awesome! They truly are! From the minute they are born until they graduate from high school, they are wonderful! They are great! They are fantastic and we LOVE Dentistry for Kids!

dentistry-for-kids.jpgKids start getting teeth right away so it’s important to provide dentistry for kids. The problem is kids are so small and squirmy and wiggly. They don’t stop moving and they have tons of spit and saliva. Their mouths are small and their tongues skitter all over the place. But still, dentistry for kids is important. The problem is kids are hard to work on because they fidget and they’re fussy and they don’t want to sit still… they have ants in their pants, they slobber and they don’t brush their teeth very well. But we are adults, and we have a responsibility to take care of the kids. And that includes their teeth, their teeny tiny teeth.

Dentistry for kids is important. We like to provide dentistry for kids for boys at about age 3. We like to provide dentistry for kids for girls at about age 2 1/2. At their first appointment, we don’t have high expectations. When we provide dentistry for kids at this age, all we really want to do is get to know the kid and meet them and maybe take a quick look around. If we get to clean their teeth or count them or polish their teeth, we consider any or all of those things a bonus.

At this early age, dentistry for kids is not about taking care of their teeth. It’s about taking care of the child. Making sure that their first dental visit is one of fun and happiness. An experience that indexes in their memory as a happy time so they will want to come back in the future. The dentistry for kids experience at this early age is to be one of joy and laughter and free toys from the toy bucket!! Squirting water from the water gun into the cup and sucking it out with the suction hose!!! Having an overall super fabulous time at the dental office with a kid friendly dentist!! Kids are awesome and you need to have a kid friendly dental office to provide the best dentistry for kids… especially your child!!  

The best way to find an office with a kid friendly dentist is to see if the people that work there have children of their own. Does the lady at the front desk have kids? What about the dental assistant and hygienists? How about the Dentist? Does he have kids? He better have kids, if he is going to be any good at providing dentistry for kids. Why? Because when you have kids you can relate to them in millions of ways. Dentistry for kids is about taking care of “our kids and your kids” in a kind and loving and non-scary way. No yelling or threatening in our office. No scary experiences… just kindness, encouragement, and lots of warm smiles!!  

Dentistry for kids means planning for kids. Great toys for a job well done are nice! Cool toothbrushes are nice! The TV on the ceiling with cartoons and kid movies are always a big hit!   Dentistry for kids is easy when you are quick and efficient. So, being well organized is a big part of it. Mostly, dentistry for kids is about having fun!! It is a time when we all can look into our lives and see how wonderful it is with kids. When your child comes into our dental office, we get to see the Little YOU!! Happy, inquisitive and excited!! The child in all of us comes out when we provide dentistry for kids because we all want to be carefree with no worries and full of youthfulness. Kids are just little people who are worthy of our care and respect. By focusing on them as a unique person and by talking to them as an individual, we get the opportunity to take care of their teeth. And they will look forward to returning to our office for their next dental appointment!

Dentistry for kids is not the easiest thing in the world to perform. As you know, kids are truly a handful! They can be fun and they can make you want to pull your hair out… all at the same time. Their teeth are so small, and they can be unruly and uncooperative. Don’t worry, Rome wasn’t conquered in one day, and we don’t have to force a kid to do anything. Providing great dentistry for kids means taking our time, taking it easy and having a little bit (or a lot) of FUN!!

As your child gets older, dentistry for kids changes for all of us. As they lose their baby teeth and get their permanent teeth, their needs change. They will need sealants and fillings and eventually, they’ll need braces. Fortunately, by this time, we will have earned their complete trust and dentistry for kids gets much easier. We will watch them grow and become responsible, turn into teenagers and young adults with you!

Our Goal is to provide dentistry for kids so that they never ever have a cavity, not even in a million billion years. Our kids should never ever fear going to the dentist!! Not our kids… our kids will receive dentistry for kids that’s nothing but FUN!! We promise… we’ll even pinky promise!!

Please give one of our three offices a call to schedule your child’s appointment today… we look forward to having the opportunity to earn their trust AND YOURS!