We are not your typical dental office!!

It is far too often that we hear the words “I didn’t/don’t want to go to the dental office.” There is a laundry list of reasons many people do not want to visit a dental office. The four most common reasons we hear are lack of convenience, fear, cost, and readiness. It’s because of these reasons we strive to create a near perfect atmosphere for all patients at our dental office. We understand how difficult it can be for people to come to the dental office; this is why we strive to provide a relaxing experience at our dental office. It is important to us that our patients feel like they have taken a trip to spa, rather than a trip to see their dentist.

We know that it is easy to push your appointment off if they are not convenient for your schedule. Many of our patients have busy lives, and this is why we have three metro location dental offices that are open five days a week. We believe by having multiple locations it helps to make it easier for our patients to squeeze in their dental appointment.

dental-officeFear is a very big reason as to why people choose not to visit the dental office. In the past, they may have had a less than great experience that has caused them to have anxiety induced by the thought of visiting a dentist. We know that this can be a crippling problem, and have chosen to provide services to help calm and relax our patients free of charge; such as nitrous oxide, videos, and paraffin hand waxing. We know from experience that these extras help to make a dental office visit more tolerable for those with high anxiety and more enjoyable for all.

Cost is another big factor as to why people avoid dental offices like the plague. Unfortunately, dental restorations can become rather pricey. We try our best to work with our patients in order for them to receive the treatments they need at a cost effective price. We never want to see a patient go without fixing something, be in pain, or have a tooth pulled because they feel there is no other option due to their budget. Our dental office team does its best to make sure our patients walk out with a healthy smile they can afford.

Dental readiness keeps many people away from dental offices. There are many reasons as to why a patient may not be ready to begin dental restorations. A lot of times economics keep patients from getting needed work done. They only have so much money to spend and sometimes there are things that get deemed more important than teeth and so they get pushed to the side until they are affordable. Other times certain situational reasons will keep a patient from giving the okay to start. It may take a broken tooth or painful infection that needs to heal before a patient can begin a restoration. There are many other factors that play into dental readiness for a patient.

As a dental office we do not want to see our patients go through pain or more extensive procedures because these things prevent them from scheduling a dental appointment and visiting the dentist. We try our very best to help in anyway possible to combat these problems and are happy to answer any questions or make any clarifications in order to make your dental office experience the best with us.  

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