The Best Dentist in Independence MO!

The Best Dentist in Independence MO!

Over the years, I have been searching for a dentist in Independence Mo that I want to stay with and make “my dentist”. But every six months I am always trying a new dental office. I have been to dental offices where the waiting room is old and dingy, and the equipment looked as though it was straight out of a Smithsonian exhibit. I have gone to see dentists that speak to me in a jargon of technical dental speak (that may as well be Greek), making it impossible to know what my treatment needs are and confuse me. I have even been to dental offices where the staff never even made eye contact with me and made me feel like I am just another dull part on the assembly line of their day. After years of searching, I have finally found my forever dentist in Independence Mo!

Collage_Independence_2-resized-600I knew right away that I had found the right place!! When I walked into the waiting room, the receptionist greeted me right away, and I sat down on a beautifully upholstered couch to fill out my paper work. They had a fridge full of refreshments, a cascading fountain mounted on the wall, and most importantly… everything was clean and up to date!! I believe strongly that a clean, well-decorated room has the ability to influence the mind and immediately after walking into Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates’ reception area, I felt relaxed and at ease. (I don’t know very many people that can say that about going to their dental appointment!!)

I only chose Dr. Thomas l. Anderson and Associates because it was the closest dentist in independence Mo to the highway which is very convenient for me, and boy did I get lucky!! Dr. Anderson and his team explained my treatment needs in ways that were easy for me to understand, and the dental assistant even showed me my cavity on a camera! (How cool is that?!?!) I have never seen anything like it! There was no need for a second opinion with all the knowledge the dental team gave, I actually understood what they were talking about and what our next steps needed to be… which was a first for me. The dental office is located in the Diagnostic Imaging building just off 40 Hwy and 291 which was so easy to find.

                Most importantly, Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates has been the only dentist in Independence Mo I have been to where I didn’t feel they were rushing me in and out. Everybody on the dental team from the front desk to the back office really took the time to listen to me, address my concerns accordingly and work with me on our next steps to get my cavity treated. This simple kindness is something I have never experienced at any other dentist in Independence Mo or any other dental office. So, schedule a dental appointment at Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, in my opinion he’s THE BEST dentist in independence Mo!