Super Girls … will ROCK your Dental Appointment!

Not only are we a local dentist office with the best dentists in town, but our dentists are assisted by Kansas City’s finest SUPER GIRLS!!!

What are Super Super-Girls-funGirls?

If you haven’t had a chance to experience and understand why all the hype is so deserved over these dental assistants working for Dr. Thomas Anderson and Associates, then you have to schedule an appointment!!

We definitely don’t want you to miss out!

Our Super Girls are one of a kind and won’t be found anywhere else in Kansas City! 

A typical day in the life of a Super Girl is comprised of arriving half an hour prior to the first patient’s appointment. During this time, she goes over every possible detail that will be required to fulfill the procedure successfully. Checking procedure setups and having a plan before the patient arrives, allows for an enjoyable dental appointment, saves time and keeps the day flowing right on schedule.  Super Girls are part of a collaborative dental team comprised of the dentists, office managers and personnel that handle insurance. It takes all of us working together, following a plan, relying on team work and always striving to succeed to be able to say, “we have the best local dentist, family dentist, gentle dentist and just flat out the BEST DENTISTS in Kansas City!”

Super Girls possess extraordinary traits that are needed to excel in their work environment. Efficiency is the key to success, starting with time management and daily planning. This enables your dental appointment to start on time and promotes a relaxing environment. Our patients rely on the Super Girls’ ability to provide the utmost care and complete tasks in a timely manner.

It’s our job to get yoSuper-Girls-Organizedu in and out of the office quickly and on your way! Secondly, each team member acts as a pillar in our office.

Here, team work is the foundation of our practice. Team work gives us the ability to become more familiar with each other and work comfortably together in a positive environment.

Each Super Girl has various roles to perform but they are more than willing to give each other a helping hand as needed. Everything at this office flows so seamlessly because we work together so well.

Working as a team in our dental office is FUN and allows us to be proactive. We all know a gentle dentist works best with an assistant who is proactive!

Next, a trait that cannot be overlooked is how friendly these Super Girls are to everyone! They create a calming environment for patients, which helps to alleviate any anxiety or fear. They are extremely personable, bubbly and a true pleasure to be around.

These amazing assistants always carry a smile, as a reflection of the compassion they have towards their patients.

Super Girls are Number ONE in every way! We take great pride in what we do! Our level of care is primarily centered on ensuring that patients have a top-notch, enjoyable experience from the time they walk through the door to the time they leave. Patients don’t have to wait long in our lounge. Once a patient is in the chair, super girls really begin to shine. During each procedure, Super Girls engage in tasks such as taking precise X-rays, completing thorough charting, maintaining a clean field for the dentist and the patient, not to mention comforting and encouraging the patient along the way. These girls always stay three steps ahead of your dentist… like I said, “We’re SUPER GIRLS!!”

Building relationships with patients is the best part of every Super Girl’s day! Although, we work for the best dentists in the city, patients will often ask the assistant questions they don’t feel comfortable asking the dentist. This is the assistant’s opportunity to really listen and encourage those questions, discuss the prescribed treatment so the patient fully understands and possibly use the intra-oral camera or models to show pictures of the recommended procedure.

These Super Girls go above and beyond to make sure their patients are content and at ease. The most pressing concern is making sure the patient is completely comfortable, knowledgeable and happy with their dental appointment.


SUPER GIRLS are always on the move, changing people’s lives one smile at a time with your family dentist. A smile is the only thing that is understood by people all around the globe as a language of kindness. Therefore, Super Girls take great pride in YOUR smile! Our job may be tough, especially being Kansas City’s ONLY SUPER GIRLS, but it is so rewarding and Oh, So FUN!! We love giving our patients the smile they’ve always dreamed of having!

If you haven’t been in our dental office yet, what are you waiting for? Call and make an appointment today and Kansas City’s Super Girls will be ready to give you the best dental experience you’ve ever had!

We are fun, our dentists are fun, and we are ready for you to join us!


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