We’d like to introduce you to Ann …

We’d like to introduce you to Ann …


A 35 year old woman at the time, Ann didn’t like to smile because she had always hated the brownish color of her teeth. Dental bleaching was performed first; however, due to the see-thru composition of her teeth, we still did not get the uniform natural whiteness that she was looking for with bleaching.


After her consultation with Dr. Anderson, they decided to move forward with a procedure to place 10 micro-thin porcelain veneers. The final result shows a beautiful smile. The gum tissue looks pink and healthy. The teeth do not look bulky or fake. She can eat anything she wants and smiles all the time.

  • Upper picture (before photo)  was taken over 15 years ago. The translucent nature of Ann’s teeth is easy to see, as is the staining of her teeth.
  • Bottom picture is the final close up of the veneers showing Ann’s beautiful and natural smile after 15 years of use.
    • Notice some of the sharp edges were rounded out and softened  on the front 6 teeth
    • Notice, after 15 years, her smile still looks great without any signs of wear or breakdown

These photos show up close results that illustrate what is possible. The results were beautiful. Ann smiles all the time now, because she has a beautiful smile and loves the natural color of her teeth. Properly performed and with proper care, veneers last for years. As you can see in Ann’s after picture that was taken after 15 years of use. Her smile still looks great without any signs of wear or breakdown.

We Believe: Our Smile has Health Benefits 

It’s simple … when you like your smile, you smile more! Not to mention, we know the health benefits of smiling — everything from the release of endorphins that affect our mood to catching someone smiling at us and automatically smiling back. A smile truly is contagious and we LOVE it when our patients LOVE to SMILE!