We’d like to introduce you to Amy …

We’d like to introduce you to Amy …


She’s a 35 year-old woman, who hates the gaps between her teeth and the color of her teeth. She didn’t like to smile because she felt her smile “looked ugly” when she did.


After her consultation with Dr. Anderson, they decided to add 4 Porcelain Veneers to her top 4 middle teeth.

  • Upper two pictures show her before pictures with gaps and stained teeth.
  • Middle two pictures show what porcelain veneers look like outside the mouth.
    • Notice the level of detail and expertise in these handcrafted veneers that were created by our Master Porcelain Artist.
  • Bottom two pictures are the final close ups of the veneers showing Amy’s beautiful and natural smile.
    • Notice the gaps or spaces in her smile are closed. The whiter teeth blend well with her natural color. 

Amy was very satisfied and when she looked at her new smile in the mirror when we were finished, she said that it was “Life-Changing” for her!

We Believe: Happy People Should Smile. 

Happy people spread their happiness to others and sometimes, it’s as simple as a smile. In Amy’s case, her whole life changed when she had the confidence to smile. Smiling affects your overall well being and the well being of everyone around you.