Removable Braces are the #1 Back to School Accessory for Teens

Feeling good about yourself during the first few days of school is so exciting. Many teens spend an extra few minutes in the morning choosing their favorite shoes, hair ties, and other accessories to put together an outfit that is fun and unique to them. With Invisalign removable braces, teens can add another great accessory to their routine – one that isn’t noticeable like traditional metal wire braces.

One of the great things about Invisalign braces is that they are removable. So, when teens join their friends for lunch, they don’t have to worry about a piece of food getting stuck in their braces because they’ve already removed them. Since the removable braces are also invisible, their friends won’t even notice the difference. That’s a huge confidence boost for any teen! Simply put, Invisalign straightens your teeth without adding any disruption to your daily routine.

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Do Invisalign Straighten Teeth as Well as Traditional Braces?

Invisalign removable braces work just as well as traditional braces, according to Invisalign’s website. Invisalign braces are made of flexible plastic and are tailor-made to snugly fit your teeth and gums and provide results faster than traditional braces.

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When you choose to begin using Invisalign, your dentist will decide the best course of action to correct your bite. Then, you’ll be fitted for several versions of the aligners that make slight adjustments to your teeth and bite – resulting in a perfect smile over time. You’ll be given a new aligner every few weeks, and the entire process usually takes between 10-24 months.

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At Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, we love getting our teens equipped for the school year with Invisalign removable braces. We know that school is tough, and we want them to feel confident in their smiles with an effective product like Invisalign. With straight, beautiful teeth, your teen will feel great about their smile and will avoid future dental costs. Give us a call today to ask about our Invisalign services!

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