Quality restorations depend on a good relationship with a dental lab

My name is Troy Phinney. I am a Dental Technician often referred to as a Master Artist. I have worked in the dental field for 32 years. I have seen the good, the bad,dental-lab and the darn right ugly in restorative dental work. Currently, I own and work a small boutique dental laboratory, Aesthetic Cosmetic Reconstructive Dental Artworks, Inc. (ACR for short). I want to help you become an informed consumer, armed with the knowledge needed when looking for the best cosmetic restorative dentist for you or your family.

These days, when we the consumers go looking for a new provider of a service, we run to the internet to do our research. We are looking for great customer service, a warm welcoming environment and most importantly the peace of mind that we have found the best possible professional provider. This task is not always easily done, especially when we start looking at specialty providers.

I wish to pass on to you some basic knowledge to help tackle the important task of selecting the best dentist for your restorative dental needs. First I will cover some basic reasons one might require this service, then the qualities of a dentist who provides conscientious and excellent care, and finally why you should consider boutique services over commercial labs for your needs.

Here’s a list of situations that may require the need for a dentist providing restorative services:

1. Crowns

*Cavities, broken tooth, sensitivity, root canal

2. Bridges

*Missing teeth, reconstructive, cosmetic

3. Veneers

*Discoloration, Shape or other imperfection

4. Implant

*Missing teeth, reconstructive

Another reason you may want to find a dentist is that you just don’t like the way your crown and bridge look.

If you should find yourself in search of a dentist for any of these issues, here is what you need to keep in mind to achieve that great smile.

You will be looking for a dentist with experience diagnosing and treating small to complex issues. Experience matters!!! He should be meticulous in preparing your teeth for restoration, precision is the key. A carpenter measures twice before he cuts because the end product function and aesthetics depends on it. It is the same with your teeth.

The preparation documentation provided to the dental lab by your dentist is crucial to creating the best end product. So, how pray tell are you supposed to know if you have a dentist who does this? Well one of the best ways is pictures. If your dentist has the experience, he should be able to show you multiple and I mean multiple before and after photos of work he has done, including close up photos showing details.

You should also ask about your dentist’s relationship with their lab technician, specifically if there is continuous communication between the office and the lab for the duration of the procedure, which can take anywhere from days to many weeks. The more complex the case, the more communication there should be in order to ensure the groundwork and proper detail is in place for a successful restoration.

Poor planning and lack of communication can make or break your case and could result in you being very unhappy with the final product. Here are a few examples of bad crown and bridge work that a dentist sees, day in and day out.

1Bad Crown and Bridge resized 600






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2 Before and after premolar blog resized 600

This brings me to your dentist’s choice of commercial labs vs. boutique labs. Commercial lab generates a lot of product; its emphasis like many businesses these days is quantity, which does not always allow for the best quality possible. Boutique labs strive to achieve a quality product, using realism and proper function as their benchmark. The boutique lab understands the science behind the shape and function of teeth and uses an artistic hand to create a masterwork specific to each patient. So whether it is a crown, a bridge, or something more extensive, this combination approach creates a truly patient specific product.

Our motto is “The eyes believe themselves, the ears believe others. We’ll let the work speak for itself”. So let me just show you what this higher quality of work looks like, and I am sure you will understand how the boutique labs take it to the next level.

 5 Implant resized 6006 Implant resized 600

And some before and after photos:

8 resized 600  9 resized 600

10 resized 600  11 resized 600

12 resized 600  13 resized 600

Just to recap what to look for in choosing a dentist:

1. Good customer service

2. Ability to diagnose any issues with your teeth

3. Shows you photos of previous work

4. Uses a quality lab. FYI, your dentist chooses the lab.

5. You feel comfortable with all aspects of the practice, including staff.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I hope I have provided you with some valuable insider knowledge. I invite you to visit my website, www.acrdentartworksinc.com to view the Smile Gallery, highlighting multiple before and after pictures.





 Have an awesome day!

Troy Phinney

Owner, ACR Dental Artworks, Inc