Need an Emergency Dentist? Call Us!


Accidents and emergencies happen; these are an unfortunate fact of life! Thomas L. Anderson and Associates understand this, and want to make it simple for you to get quality care from an emergency dentist when something goes wrong and leaves you in pain. In many dental emergencies, skilled and speedy care can increase the chances for a favorable outcome for our patients. As a patient of our office, we can ensure that you will have proper access to our emergency dentists and we will make every effort to treat you quickly.

If you are having a dental emergency, call our office right away. We’ll schedule you quickly to relieve your pain and create a treatment plan to help to try to prevent painful dental emergencies from occurring in the future. Emergency dental care is designed to treat dental emergencies, which, while painful, are not life threatening. You should also go to the emergency room if you have bleeding that cannot be controlled with pressure or if your jaw or other facial bones appear to be broken.

When should I see an emergency dentist? If you are experiencing pain or you have had significant trauma to one or more of your teeth, you are having a dental emergency and need to be seen by one of our dentists quickly. You should call our office promptly.

Some of the most common dental emergencies we see include:

  • Teeth that have been knocked loose or knocked out
  • Sudden pain
  • Abscesses, often indicated by pain and swelling, some people may experience a pimple-like lesion on their gums
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Injury to the gums, lips, or other soft tissues
  • A lost or damaged restoration

The main goal of our emergency dentist during your appointment is to relieve your pain and make every attempt to save your tooth. We understand that in many of these cases our patients are nervous about their appointments. Therefore, we provide a relaxing dental experience. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates provides complementary nitrous oxide, or as many people know it “laughing gas” to our patients. The effects have been found to relieve pain, anxiety, and even one’s gag reflex. Nitrous Oxide also leaves your body within 3- 5 minutes, as opposed to some oral medications which stay in your system for long periods of time. In a matter of minutes you can leave the office clear headed and able to drive yourself home or back to work; without any lingering, groggy effects, or the need for a chauffeur. 

We also have screens mounted to each operatory ceiling to allow our patients to view a movie or music video during their appointment. We want each person that comes through our door to have a fun and comfortable dental experience.

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We understand how scary and miserable a dental emergency can be and we are here to help you. Our dentists provide gentle and skilled procedures. If you need an emergency dentist don’t hesitate to contact our dental team at one of our three conveniently located office in the Kansas City Metro area.

If you need an emergency dental care, we are here to help you. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment at the offices of Thomas L. Anderson and Associates. We have three convenient locations within the Kansas City area, including Lee’s Summit / Independence, the Country Club Plaza and Downtown Kansas City. The gentle dentists and expert team at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates look forward to working with you to treat your dental emergency, achieve proper oral health and a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions about your dental insurance benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to review your policy! Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment and become part of our dental family.