My Search for “Dentist Kansas City”

dentist-Kansas-CityIn this day and age, we use the internet for everything!  What restaurants to have dinner at, navigational help, entertainment ideas, and any other information you may need right at your fingertips.  So naturally, when you are looking for new dental offices… straight to the internet you go!!  However, every variation of words you use in a search engine brings up completely different links.  How do you know which dental office to choose when the choices are so abundant? 

Have you ever googled “Dentist Kansas City”??? I googled “Dentist Kansas City”, and was very surprised to find that my dentist did not even show up in the search!

I was referred to Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates many years ago, and have always been satisfied with my choice.  Fortunately, I never had to type “Dentist Kansas City” into a search engine and hope for the best. Here’s the beginning of my story…   

I had a very close coworker who knew of my great fear of the dentist, and she assured me that this was the dental office to go to.  She was right; the staff at Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates made me feel at ease right away.  The receptionist was so friendly, and she explained my insurance to me with detail.  It was as if she had researched my own individual plan!  When they brought me back I was still feeling a little nervous, but they let me pick out a movie, the chairs were comfortable, my hygienist gave me nitrous while she cleaned my teeth!  I had never tried it before, and it really did make the experience extra relaxing!

I’m also confident that none of the other dentists that come up on a “Dentist Kansas City” search can make you laugh as much as Dr. Anderson!  I connected with him right away.  You see our kids are the same age, and they both play baseball.  Dr. Anderson always takes the time to talk with me about anything. Although I can tell he is very busy, he always makes me feel like I’m the only patient in the dental office

Now let me remind you I was very afraid of the dentist, so I had years of neglected treatment.  I had let my oral hygiene go to a point that I was afraid to even let people see me smile.  When I finally made the choice to let Dr. Anderson give me a smile makeover, it was a choice I have never regretted!  All of a sudden I was smiling everywhere I went, and my veneers are so beautiful no one even knows they are not my natural teeth!  I have had them for 13 years now without any problems.  It’s amazing the way enhancing your smile enhances your whole life! 

My point is, if you are looking for a new dentist and checking out dental offices; don’t just type “Dentist Kansas City” into a search engine and cross your fingers that you will find the right dental offices to make the best choice for you.  Type in “Thomas L. Anderson and Associates” and make an appointment with MY dentist.  You will not regret it!