MetLife Dental Makes Coverage Simple


Choosing the right dental insurance for you or your family can be difficult! There are so many different companies and plans to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide which is the best option. We have found MetLife dental to be one of the top companies! We have enjoyed our many years as one of the many MetLife providers.

Being preferred MetLife providers for so long has allowed us to get to know their plans and restrictions well. We have found over our long relationship with them that for us as well as covered patients, MetLife makes it easy to get answers everyone needs! They are one of the most straightforward insurance companies to work with.

MetLife Dental offers a wider variety of plans for patients to choose from. Whether you need a minimal plan for simple dental needs or a more extensive plan for those with multiple needs, MetLife has you covered! They have made it quick and simple for us to verify your dental insurance prior to your appointment! They have also made it simple for us to estimate the cost of your dental treatment while you are in the dental chair.

We are even able to send a pre-determination to MetLife if you’d like to be able to see the coverage in writing before starting any treatment. We have found that the pre-estimate of services is not required as often with MetLife Dental as with some of the other insurance companies, which allows you, as the patient to begin treatment sooner if necessary or requested.

With so many different dental plans available, we have been happy to continue to be among the dentists who are MetLife providers to allow our patients to get the dental treatment they need. Going to a Preferred Provider for MetLife means you will get the best options for your coverage.

Staying “in network” with MetLife means you will have less out of pocket copays, deductibles and fewer restrictions on your treatment. It can also mean that your annual maximum may be higher as well, therefore allowing you to complete more treatment each year, if necessary. You will get the most for your money by seeing a preferred Metlife provider.

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If you are looking for Metlife dental providers in your area, Thomas L. Anderson and Associates are here to help! If you have questions regarding your benefits contact us today, and one of our skilled team members would be happy to discuss your benefits with you. 

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