Kick start this Spring Season at our downtown dental office!

downtown-dentist-2.jpgPeople everywhere are getting excited for spring even though February has barely begun. Parents are scrambling to get parent/teacher conferences scheduled, Valentine’s finished for school parties, get Spring Break plans made, and take care of all their children’s last minute dental and medical appointments before spring sports begin.

There is something about spring that resembles a new beginning, perhaps it is the warmer winds and longer days that will replace the brisk weather, or maybe it’s the excitement of summer vacation that will be here before we know it! Whatever the reason, Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates’ downtown dental office is here to aide your fresh start to the season with fresh breath and a glistening smile!

At Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates we believe going to the dentist can be fun, and we try to make your experience as comfortable, convenient, and friendly as possible. We offer many amenities to achieve this such as cushy pillows, paraffin hand wax treatments, movies and music videos, and many more. Our downtown dental office isn’t just for the business person; we see all ages of patients and have fun prizes for all the children to choose from after their appointments. Our treasure chest is not filled with stickers or boring toys, but stocked with water guns, kites, and fun toys that even the older kids enjoy! Our downtown dental office is a family practice, and we treat all of our patients like family.               

As a downtown dentist, we have two categories of patients. The first are people who do not live downtown. They commute daily to work from one of the dozens of surrounding suburbs of the downtown Kansas City area. This commute can be from fifteen minutes to an hour long, depending on traffic conditions. The other patients we see at our downtown dental office in Kansas City are people who live and work in the downtown area. Our office is within walking distance to their work and home and we are their local downtown Kansas City dentist.

Dental emergencies can be painful and inconvenient. So if you live in say, Lee’s Summit, but work downtown and you break a tooth during your lunch and now you are in pain.

What do you do?

You could call your dentist in Lee’s Summit, but you are an hour away! You would miss too much work, plus you want your tooth repaired and the pain to go away fast! At our downtown dental office we offer same-day emergency care. Your comfort before, during, and after your appointment is our main focus. You can come in quick, get fixed up, and get back to work in short order. How easy is that?

Now that you found the best downtown dentist in the area, you can make an appointment with our friendly downtown dental office and be treated at a time that is convenient for you. We even take lunch hour appointments that get you through your appointment and back on your way before the afternoon work load hits. Call our office, tell us what your situation is and we will make sure we get you taken care of at a time that works with your busy life style. With a local downtown dental office you can work in the city, receive your dental care in the city, and live in the suburbs… with no complications. We make going to the downtown dentist super convenient for you which can save you lot of valuable time.

At Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates we have a passion for oral health promotions and want to be your downtown Kansas City dentist! Our highly trained staff really takes the time to educate our patients and work with them in achieving the healthy smiles they deserve. With four dentists and three locations we make sure our patients’ concerns are met at all times. Our staff takes great pride in being a part of our unique and vibrant downtown community, so start the spring season with healthy teeth and beautiful smiles at our downtown dental office!