Keep Your Smile in the Family with Family Dentistry


Family dentistry is Awesome! Why? Well, when you choose family dentistry, you bring in the whole family to see a family dentist. Gone are the days of each person having to go to their own dentist.

family-dentalFamily dentistry in one location is wonderful, because you don’t have to be referred out to specialists all over the city. You no longer have to worry about coordinating several schedules in order to have a beautiful smile.

In the 1970s’ and 1980s’, the trend was for you to see a general dentist for routine concerns, i.e.: cleanings, cavities, and things like crowns. If you had anything that would be considered difficult to do, then your general dentist would refer you out to a specialist in the area of concern. For example, if you needed your wisdom teeth extracted you would be referred to an oral surgeon. A root canal would be cause to send you to an endodontist. And, if you had gum disease you would then be referred out to a periodontist. If you were the unfortunate person who needed treatment for all three, well then you would be sent to three different dental specialists. What a hassle to just take care of your teeth!

Starting in the early 90s’ and continuing into today, there has been a shift in the overall practice of dentistry. As dentists have advanced their education and began to group with other dentists (as a family dental group) who are cross trained in various areas, Family Dentistry has become more and more popular. Family dentistry is designed to streamline and simplify your care. It was all created to help you!

Now you can go to a family dentistry office that has 3-5 general dentists with advanced skills in multiple areas. This means that if needed you can bring your 2 year old in for their first check-up, while you are having gum disease treatment. We could also see your teenager for Invisalign braces and your spouse for a complete smile make-over. This is the advantage to a family dental practice.

Family dentistry means convenience for the patient. One of the biggest benefits of a family dentist is that you can get first-rate dental care all within one group. You are also able to get to know each of the doctors and become comfortable with your “dental family”. You are able to know that when you walk through the doors you will be well taken care of by each person.

Family dentistry is about YOUR family. We are aware that every person wants smooth dental visits and when you visit your family dentistry “family” you know that you will be treated with the utmost respect and care. 

The family dental group of Dr. Anderson, Dr. Beckman, Dr. Perry and Dr. Thigpen is one of the finest in the city. With all our experience we can handle most any dental need you may have. Learn a little more about your dentist by reading their profiles and schedule your appointment today! family-dentistry