Kansas City Plaza Lights

What is it about the holiday season that starts to make them feel… like the holidays?


When I walk into the grocery store the weekend after Halloween and see the Christmas gear already set up, I never get that warm and fuzzy feeling. And I definitely do not care for the idea of skipping time with my family on Thanksgiving Day to camp out and risk my life amongst angry crowds for a half-price television and $1 DVDs.


No, the holidays start to feel like the holidays when after a number of blown fuses, busted bulbs, and multiple trips to the hardware store, I cross my fingers… and plug in the lights on the house and our tree. And finally, I get to step back with my family and enjoy the view.


House lights are not for the people that hang them. They are for everyone in the family. With so many people taking part in this holiday tradition, driving around Kansas City this time of year really gets those warm and fuzzy feelings I was talking about going.


country-club-plazaNo place in Kansas City exemplifies this more than The Country Club Plaza. Drawing what I would assume to be a much more hospitable crowd than the Black Friday folks, the Plaza Lighting Ceremony has been a holiday tradition since 1930! You cannot help but get that holiday feeling when walking through The Plaza surrounded by the Kansas City Plaza Lights, horses and carriages and the music of the holidays!


As with most good things, though, The Country Club Plaza draws a crowd this time of year. Finishing up at work, driving around in the dark looking for a place to park, dealing with the crowds, then finally trying to escape a crowded parking garage afterward… all this stress can keep from us being able to enjoy all the experiences we should enjoy during our holidays!


kansas-city-plaza-lightsThomas Anderson and Associates, your Country Club Plaza Dentist, is happy to help! Grab a hot cup of cocoa, curl up by the fire and let us tell you the story of how to have a perfect holiday night on The Plaza… Get there early, get a great parking spot, beat the crowds, and skip the bumper to bumper crawl out of the parking garage at the end of the night.


Sounds great! If only there was a fantastic excuse to leave work early… like scheduling a dental appointment for your 6 month checkup at your Country Club Plaza Dentist!


Getting out of work early means you get exclusive access to our centrally located parking garage! At 5 oʼclock it transforms into a valet parking garage, meaning no more public entriesu. This could save you a lot of time (and money) getting out of The Plaza and home safely after a great evening!


Being the early bird also means you will be ahead of the crowds, so you can spend less time waiting in line at the cash register and more time enjoying the wonderful Country Club Plaza this time of year.


So, remember to start your holidays on The Plaza with a late afternoon visit to Thomas Anderson and Associates, your Country Club Plaza Dentist. You might want to be careful hitting the streets after your dental appointment with your clean healthy teeth… a lot of people spend a lot of time getting the Kansas City Plaza Lights put together and we do not want your beautiful smile stealing all the attention!


Happy Holidays!