Kansas City Dentist on the Country Club Plaza

Welcome to the beautiful Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. The Plaza’s unique architecture was influenced by the regal city of Seville, Spain and attracts visitors from the Midwest and beyond. Within the four square miles that make up “The Plaza” you’ll find upscale retail shops and fabulous restaurants. All of this, plus many other amenities, makes the Country Club Plaza a perfect weekend destination. The Plaza, for those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in Kansas City, has given us many wonderful memories and is ready to make many more.

Nichols Road, the Main Street through the Country Club Plaza, is where it all began. Famous Kansas City developer J.C. Nichols designed this shopping area in what was then a suburb of Kansas City back in 1922. At that time, the best shopping, entertainment, doctors, and business people where located in Downtown Kansas City. But, Downtown was tall buildings, urban, crowded and when the wind blew in from the west the distinct smell of the livestock yards filled the air.

The Country Club Plaplaza-fountain-kansas-city-dentistza offered a more relaxed and glamorous environment. State of the art medical and dental offices were built on the floors above the retail shopping areas and offered beautiful views of the newly emerging area. The picturesque Plaza Time Building, located at the corner of Nichols and Broadway, was and still is the center of the Country Club Plaza. The Plaza Time Building – “The building with the clock on it” – is easily visible just north of Brush Creek and became the destination for Kansas City dentists and doctors relocating from Downtown’s prestigious professional building. 

Now, 90 years older and looking as good as ever, the Plaza’s spring and summer offer outdoor dining, drinking and music as well as the many beautiful flowing fountains that helped Kansas City earn the title,  “The City of Fountains”. Fall brings us the immensely popular Plaza Art Fair and the famous Thanksgiving Plaza Christmas Lights Lighting Ceremony. Winter snows turn the Plaza into the perfect postcard with beautiful snowflakes and Christmas lights adorning the Spanish inspired landscape.

Over the years, the city has moved further outward and time has marched on. Mega malls became popular and strip malls popped up everywhere. Now those fad malls sit empty and are eye sores in many communities. During this time the Country Club Plaza grew and improved upon itself while remaining true to its ambience and architecture. It adapted to the needs of its community and became the destination for travelers and locals alike. The surrounding neighborhoods solidified and the Country Club Plaza became a mini-city for these families, providing them the necessities of life….access to shopping, banking and professional services, medical and dental care, food and fun.

The Plaza Time Building is still home to the city’s finest dentPlaza clock tower kansas city dentist resized 600al care. Over the years, the Plaza Time Building has been modernized to include curbside and multilevel free parking as well as handicap parking and access. As you enter the main foyer you will feel like you walked into a time-warp, with the tile mosaics, statues and Art Deco lighting. Once you enter our dental offices you are then brought back to the present day appearance of a modern upscale dental office that is focused on you. When you walk into our Plaza dental office you immediately feel it is designed around your comfort and convenience. We pride ourselves on being the caring and fun dentist on the block. Open 5 days a week and select weekends, our dentists have years of experience performing the most intricate procedures including, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and Invisalign braces. We routinely perform dental emergencies and broken tooth repair for anyone in need. As far as Kansas City Dentist, our cosmetic dentistry and dental smile makeover services are second to none. We have transformed literally thousands of smiles over dozens of years.

We have highly skilled doctors that have performed thousands of procedures that include bleaching, dental bonds, porcelain crowns and veneers that turn an ordinary smile into a million dollar smile. We believe that with dental coaching and TLC, you can have the smile of your dreams and the happiness in your heart that comes with the confidence that your new smile gives.

Over the years, we have heard people worry that going to a Country Club Plaza to visit a Kansas CitKansas City dentist veneers resized 600y dentist is way more expensive than “other dentists”. This is simply not the case. In fact, our dental fees are in line with other dentists throughout the Kansas City Metro. Our fees for broken tooth repair, tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns and bridges, implants, and Invisalign braces are within the industry standards. We also accept most major dental insurance plans like Delta Dental and Met Life Dental. For more involved treatments, where costs are considerable, we can make payment plans. By following the “honor thy budget” rule, and using a little common sense, anyone can receive the dental care they deserve.

Let’s face it, nobody really likes going to the dentist. We have found that it is the little things that matter to our patients. Great service and amenities like the warm towels and cushy pillows that help ease the anxiety. front desk girls working 2 resized 600Our caring dental assistants love their jobs and patients and work with warm friendly smiles to reinforce that you are special to us and in good hands. Experience is a must but caring staff is what matters most.

So whether you need your teeth whitened for a knockout smile, a little repair, or a major reconstruction, come to the location that is head and shoulders above all others…our beautiful, contemporary and caring office in the heart if the beautiful Country Club Plaza. Then stay a while…and smile.