Is Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel any good?


Yes it is! There are several different ways patients try to get a whiter smile… 

One of those ways is buying whitening toothpaste from the store.  All toothpastes help remove surface stains because they contain mild abrasives.  Some “whitening” toothpastes contain gentle polishing or chemical agents that remove surface stains a little better, but they can remove surface stains only and do not contain bleach. 

Another option is an in-office teeth whitening service, which is very effective but can cost up to five-hundred dollars depending on what part of the country you are located.  Another downside to in-office bleaching is the sensitivity it causes.  People with sensitive teeth should be wary about in-office bleaching. 

At the offices of Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates we use opalescence gel in custom teeth whitening trays fitted to your teeth.  These can be made at one of our three convenient locations.  Opalescence teeth whitening gel gives great results in two weeks’ time, and allows the patient more control if there is sensitivity.  If you are feeling sensitive just skip a night!

In addition to sensitivity, patients have other concerns when using teeth whitening services:

  • A lot of our patients are concerned that teeth whitening can harm their enamel, but it does not.  The way Opalescence teeth whitening gel works is by opening the pores of the teeth allowing the cleaning agent in the bleach to get stains out of the inner structures of the teeth.  Overtime the pores close back, and you get a dazzling smile with healthy enamel! 
  • Another concern patients have is getting their teeth too white.  I have had many patients say, “I don’t want my teeth to look like Ross on that episode of FRIENDS!”  You know the one where his teeth are glowing in the black light!  Our teeth are translucent, and underneath our pearly whites is a layer of tooth called dentin.  Dentin is yellow in color, and will always reflect a natural yellow under shade.  So rest assured, when you see “fake” looking or too white of smiles in Hollywood magazines, they are either porcelain veneers or photo shopped! 
  • Other patients think that once you have bleached your teeth you can never drink red wine or coffee.  If this were true, no one would want to whiten their teeth!  Sure, during the bleaching process while the pores in your teeth are open you want to stay away from staining coffees or teas, but afterwards you can eat and drink as normal. 
  • The one main reason people stay away from bleaching is because it can be quite costly.  Even if a patient has dental insurance they often will not cover for whitening, because they consider it a “cosmetic” procedure.  Thomas L. Anderson believes everyone deserves a brighter smile.  In his office he offers Opalescence teeth whitening gel at half the price, making up for the fact that insurance won’t help you dazzle your smile.

Everyone knows that our teeth are our greatest accessory, and nobody deserves a smile that they are less than happy with.  Using Opalescence teeth whitening gel in custom teeth whitening trays made at Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates’ dental office is an easy way to restore your teeth to their earlier brightness!  Make an appointment for your whitening treatment today at one of our three convenient locations!