Invisible Braces: 10 Reasons to Get Invisalign

The message we focus on regarding Invisalign is that of convenience. Everyone loves for things to be easy, simple and convenient and that’s definitely a huge benefit of getting Invisalign. Did you know that your smile can be corrected without having to experience at least one year of being a “metal mouth”? Yep. Invisalign is a system that uses a series of clear aligners to correct your crooked smile. However, there are so many other reasons that are even more important than convenience for you to consider Invisalign invisible braces.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use Invisalign, beginning with the least important …

  1. Aesthetics

Improvement in the aesthetics of your smile is icing on the cake!

  1. Aligners double as a mouthguard you can use the rest of your life

You can protect your teeth from sports injuries, whiten them and shield your teeth from grinding at night by using your Invisalign aligners – these invisible braces have many functions!

  1. Shorter, more efficient dental cleanings with the hygienist

Unlike crooked teeth, teeth that are properly aligned are easier to floss and they’re easier for the hygienist to clean!

For example, when teeth are crowded or twisted, the instrument that the dental hygienist uses during a dental cleaning is almost useless, allowing the bacteria to avoid being removed during the cleaning process.

  1. Phonetics and Speech – better speech and pronunciation

The position of your teeth can affect your ability to properly pronounce words.

Invisalign patients are in the music, comedy, movie, and voice over industries, as these invisible braces have been able to help by fine-tuning their singing and speaking voice.

For example, if you have an open bite or your two upper front teeth are too long, you may have a difficult time pronouncing certain words or have a lisp, or even whistle a bit as you speak.

  1. Misaligned teeth suffer from food impaction and make it more difficult to brush and floss properly.

It’s a possibility that if teeth don’t fit up against each other tightly enough, a piece of vegetable or stringy meat can get caught in between the teeth and can stay there until removed by floss.

This can cause harm to the gums and teeth; this condition is called food impaction. The misaligned teeth hold the food in place and the bacteria feast upon it. Helping them grow in your mouth accelerates gum recession and dull, throbbing pain in the mouth.

Proper positioning of the teeth facilitates easier and more effective brushing and flossing. If your teeth are in proper position and lined up correctly, there is less maintenance for you and easier to achieve good oral health.

  1. Invisalign aligners can fix neck, jaw and facial pain.

The effects of grinding and suffering from sore facial muscles can benefit not only from a better bite, but they can also benefit from wearing an aligner, like Invisalign invisible braces, over several months. It may even relieve TMD symptoms.

  1. Better bone architecture is achieved by proper tooth positioning

When the teeth are crooked, the bone that’s supporting the tooth is also crooked, leading to complications. See, it’s not just what’s above the surface! This is referred to as bone architecture. Without optimal bone architecture, it is almost impossible to have good gum and tooth health.

  1. Better digestion by more efficient chewing and breakdown of food particles in the mouth

The first stage of food digestion is made possible by the mouth. To put it simply, your body will get less nutrition, due to the lack of nutrients being absorbed, without a proper bite.

  1. Proper positioning of the upper and lower jaw

Here’s an analogy … the jaw is like two hinges on a door – one hinge at each ear and the door jam and the strike plate being your teeth. Ideally, in your mouth, you want the door to be able to open easily and smoothly and effortlessly close. The door hits the strike plate and the door jam at the same time without any sticking or undue friction.

Have you ever had a door that you’ve had to force shut? The door that doesn’t close properly will eventually pull the screws out of the hinge plates and one day, will not be able to close.

The comparable condition in the mouth is TMJ or TMD; pain in the joints, misaligned jaws, clicking and popping, ineffective and painful chewing, or the inability to chew. Perfectly aligned teeth will allow that door to open and close freely without pain and without the slow worsening of the jaw.

  1. A good bite

What’s so great about a good bite? All of the above!

This is what Invisalign invisible braces were invented for – not only to give you a beautiful smile, as you may have been told, instead it’s to improve your overall health and live without pain!

There is no doubt that a beautiful smile brings self-esteem and confidence, but without good physical health, why would it matter?


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