I Love My Career at this Independence Dentist Office!


I recently read that dentistry is ranked as one of the top professions in the healthcare field! I have been part of an Independence dentist office for several years now, I absolutely love my career choice and I am excited to see that this is true for other folks in the dentistry field. Not that it comes as any surprise – dental careers have been on the list for many years running.

Dentistry really is a great profession, especially being a part of an Independence dentist office, and the rewards go beyond helping people every day… which is enough of a reward!

First of all, the work-life balance available as a part of an Independence dentist office is not something you see in many careers – especially careers in healthcare.  We are available for our patients during the day or night in the case of the occasional emergency, but we also have set office hours that ensure that we get to devote time to fun and family. In addition to seeing patients, dentistry can serve as a platform for teaching, lecturing, writing (as you can see), and one of our personal favorites, charitable work.

Part of what makes the career so exciting is the opportunity to be creative! Our Independence dentists and staff are clinicians, educators, and philanthropists. Because, our dental team wears so many hats it allows them the chance to experience so many different things in just a day’s work. Many people believe that a dental team just stares at teeth all day, but it takes many true artists to create beautiful smiles.

Our Independence dentists come to work each day to serve our patients, but as we know each patient is different. This means that our dental team must come up with new ways to provide skilled dental services to our patients. 

While each day presents its own set of unique joys and challenges, let’s not forget that the greatest joy is intangible. The joy of changing a person`s life by giving him or her a beautiful smile cannot be measured. The satisfaction of restoring a person`s dentition so he or she can enjoy food again is worth more than gold. The opportunity to relieve pain and suffering is a rare privilege

At Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, we are so excited for the future of dentistry and the professionals who keep raising the bar for those who follow. The joy of changing a person`s life by creating a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the intangible rewards of being a part of an Independence dentist office that can`t be measured.

If you are looking to become a part of an Independence dentist office that loves what we do, contact us today to schedule! Thomas L. Anderson and Associates has three conveniently located office in the Kansas City Metro Area. We are ready to welcome you to our dental family!

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