How we provide Urgent Dental Care


Urgent dental care means that your dental office can get you in the same day you call. Because, well you know, it’s urgent… and so do WE! Dental offices reserve spots for their patients that have urgent dental care or dental emergency needs. When you have a sudden dental problem or you are in need of emergency dental services, you should be able to get in to see the dentist that very day to take care of your urgent dental needs.  Here is an example of our urgent dental care treatments on a typical day.

dental-emergencyUrgent Dental Care Case I:  8:00 AM

Scott called and said he had broken off a piece of an upper canine tooth at the gumline. Our office told him to come in right away. Upon arriving we figured out that his insurance benefits were maximized for the year. We placed a temporary post and recemented the tooth so he could smile for the upcoming Holiday.  Scott left the office that day very happy. His urgent dental care needs were met.

Urgent Dental Care Case II:  10:45 AM

Patty had a toothache in New York City last week. She called into the office stating that she was in pain and needed to be seen as soon as possible. We got her in the same day and began a root canal to get her out of pain. Patty left our office comfortable and had her dental emergency needs met.

Urgent Dental Care Case III:  11:10 AM

Mike called our office in pain and stating he had pulled a crown off one of his upper left crowns while eating a tootsie roll. He had a dinner party to attend that evening and needed to have this problem fixed. We immediately got him in and recemented his crown. Mike left happy and prepared for his dinner party. This is another instance where our office was able to provide an emergency dental service to meet a patient’s needs.

Urgent Dental Care Case IV:  1:45 PM

Bill contacted our office stating he had chipped his front tooth on a fork while eating. We told him to come in over our lunch hour and we would get him taken care of. Bill’s chip ended up being fairly small so we polished the jagged edge until it was smooth. Bill’s urgent dental care needs were met and he left our office with a smile on his face.

Urgent Dental Care Case V:  3:50 PM

Juan called stating that he was in quite a bit of pain. We got him in the same day. When we got him in the chair we saw that Juan had an infected wisdom tooth. We placed some Novocain and he began to feel better. After about 30 minutes we gently removed the infected tooth. He didn’t even know we had taken it out. Juan’s dental emergency was handled quickly and with his need of emergency dental services that we provided. He was so ecstatic to be out of pain, he hugged us at least 10 times before leaving.

As you can see, our urgent dental care and dental emergency treatments range from simple to more complicated cases. This is why we always attempt to leave time for dental emergency treatments. We attempt to leave time at 9:30 AM, 10:30AM, 1:30pm and 2:30pm, but we will always try to work patients in where we can. Your dental team works for you. When you have a need for emergency dental services or an urgent dental care need, the last thing you want to hear is that your dentist can’t get you in to help you for several days. You are the most important piece in a dental office puzzle. Same day urgent dental care for your dental emergency is a must for the modern busy lives we lead. 

urgent-dental-careOur dental team enjoys being able to take care of these urgent dental care needs for you and your family. No two dental emergency cases are exactly alike, but we know the end result is a happy patient leaving our office. Being able to repair, restore, and comfortably treat our patients so that they leave in a better condition than when they walked through our doors. We always want our patients to walk out of our office with a smile on their face (and we love hugs from our happy patients too!!)

With our three Kansas City Metro offices open Monday through Friday, 8 AM-5 PM, and our talented Doctors we will be there to provide urgent dental care. We are willing to come in early, stay late, and even work through lunch to get you in and comfortable again.