How to get rid of Canker Sores… Quick and Painless Relief from Mouth Sores with Laser Therapy

Lasers are one of the fastest growing technologies being used in the medical and dental field today. There are many well-known and often used laser therapies performed on the skin and soft tissues every day. You hear countless advertisements for laser hair removal, laser eye surgery, laser skin treatment; the list goes on and on. Just add laser cold sore therapy to the list, because it answers the question “How to get rid of Canker Sores”.

One of the many advancements in dentistry has been through the use of lasers to help manage conditions in the oral cavity. Lasers are no longer some science fiction weapon seen in the movies. Lasers have become a vital part of science and medicine in today’s technologically advanced practices. There are a variety of laser applications in dentistry, but one of the most exciting is also one of the easiest. Laser therapy performed on mouth sores is a treatment that was not readily available until the last 20 years. Now, a well-known and well used treatment modality, lasers are found in most dental offices that are up to date on the newest technologies and advancements. You know that your team of dentists and the staff at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates is always working to stay up to date on the latest that dentistry has to offer. Whether it is a smile makeover, or cosmetic enhancement you are looking for or just in need of a simple cleaning and checkup, we’ve got you covered!!

canker-sore-treatment.jpgWhat causes canker sores? Anyone who has had a painful sore in their mouth can attest to just how uncomfortable they can be. There are several reasons, or causes, that may trigger a sore in your mouth. It may be from trauma, such as accidentally biting your cheek or tongue or perhaps burning the roof of your mouth on a hot piece of pizza or sip of too hot coffee.   Sometimes ulcers or fever blisters may arise from a virus. Whatever the reason, this tiny trauma can cause major pain! Cold sores inside mouth or canker sores can be a painful ulcer on your lips, cheeks, gums, tongue or palate. Often times, these little sores are multiple and reoccurring and worst of all terribly painful! Denture wearers regularly get ulcers from new or ill-fitting dentures. Often these sores are in a very awkward place and can last for up to 2-3 weeks! There is no need to torture yourself for this length of time because there is a quick, painless remedy that your dentist can provide through the use of laser therapy.

Although everyone reading this article has undoubtedly experienced some kind of mouth sore in the past, you probably were unaware that there was a simple, inexpensive canker sore treatment option available. That is the problem; most people are just unaware that laser cold sore therapy exists. Most people who suffer from these little ulcers just deal with them, rather uncomfortably, for the few weeks that they persist. You might have tried a gel or ointment to help numb the pain or speed the healing, but these pharmaceutical remedies are not very effective. Don’t waste your time with these old canker sore treatment remedies anymore.

Completely safe and extremely effective, canker sore treatment laser therapy is great for turning a painful active ulcer into a non-issue in a matter of minutes. The way it works is light energy helps destroy the painful inflammatory bacterial and viral cells that are present in the ulcer. Laser energy reduces pain and inflammation as well as enhances healing. The laser stimulates a series of cellular events that accelerate cell proliferation to promote healing. The energy stimulation enhances microcirculation which in turn promotes more blood flow to the area increasing circulation and oxygenation. This may sound like medical mumbo jumbo, but the simple fact is that… this canker sore treatment WORKS!!

No shots, no needles, no pain. That’s right; you do not even have to be numbed up to treat an ulcer in your mouth. Most people experience an immediate improvement, often times with complete pain relief within 24 hours! The procedure only takes a few minutes with no additional trauma. Your dentist or hygienist makes a series of passes over the lesion with the laser. You may feel some warmth or tingling at the site, but minimal discomfort. Not only is healing time sped up, laser therapy can help prevent future cold sore outbreaks in that same spot.

When you ask yourself, “how to get rid of canker sores” … in a nutshell, canker sore treatment laser therapy is fast, painless and inexpensive. There is absolutely no reason to put yourself through several days of discomfort when you have an easy remedy readily available. If you live in the Kansas City metro area, one of our dental offices is easily accessible. Whether you are downtown, near the Country Club Plaza, or in Independence or Lee’s Summit you are minutes away from relief!!

Some dental insurance plans even help cover the procedure. Even if you don’t have dental insurance or yours doesn’t cover the cost of laser therapy, it is still well worth it. Think about it, immediate relief for around $50. Or you can buy some over the counter medication to help numb the pain spending almost as much over the course of several weeks, all the while being grouchy and grumpy because your mouth hurts. Don’t put yourself through the misery… Feel better today! Call our office to schedule an appointment!