Have you had experiences with the no-so-gentle dentist?

gentle-dentistSo many of our patients come to us with dental anxiety, due to previous experiences that have been frightening, to say the least.

Can you relate??

There’s no communication from a not-so-gentle dentist.

  • The not-so-gentle dentist begins without explaining the procedure… not letting you know what is planned or how the dental exam or procedure will go.  But, the worst is not being asked how you’re doing during the procedure. Especially, if you’re in pain and nothing is done to help you.
  • A gentle dentist communicates frequently with you during your dental exam or treatment. They know that some patients have dental anxieties that can be minimized or avoided all together by having nitrous oxide offered or anxiety-relieving medications prescribed to make your dental treatment easier. Explaining the process and updating you throughout, is another way to alleviate fear and anxiety. Another is to let you know the progress that is being made throughout the procedure. A gentle dentist always puts their patients at ease to relieve any unnecessary anxiety. For example, placement of topical anesthetic gel on the gum prior to injecting local anesthetic makes for a much easier experience on the patient. The gentle dentist is always tuned into the patient. Especially making sure their patient isn’t in any pain.


There’s no warm and fuzzy feeling from a not-so-gentle dentist.

  • There’s very little concern from a not-so-gentle dentist as to whether the patient is anxious, worried or is afraid of visiting the dentist for a simple dental exam.
  • A gentle dentist knows that a warm greeting, sincerity and direct eye contact are very important aspects of putting their patient at ease. Attention to detail during the dental exam or treatment and concern for how you will feel after the appointment are priorities for a gentle dentist. Even selecting the least invasive path of treatment to perform so you will be able to resume normal activities with the least amount of disruption is always important to a gentle dentist.

There are no comforting aspects of a dental visit with a not-so-gentle dentist.

  • Aggressive movements and sudden lunges with sharp instruments coming toward you can be very frightening. And don’t even think about any extra steps that could be taken by a not-so-gentle dentist to make you feel comfortable or like they care.
  • A gentle dentist makes your visit as comfortable as possible… these acts can be as small as asking you whether you’re comfortable during your treatment. Sometimes it gets too cool for a patient and it makes all the difference in the world to be offered a blanket to keep warm. Many patients have dry lips during treatment due to the air and water that are used in procedures causing the patient’s lips to dry out. Having lip ointment or Vaseline applied prior to a dental procedure and reapplying this type of lip care can keep your lips soft and pliable and minimizes the trauma that can incur due to stretching the mouth … a gentle dentist wants you to be comfortable.

There is no post-treatment follow-up from a not-so-gentle dentist.

  • Have you had to call and leave several messages after a treatment because you didn’t receive any post-treatment directions and you weren’t sure what to expect during your recovery from the not-so-gentle dentist? Or were you in a lot of pain or ended up with an infection because you weren’t offered pain medication or sent with a prescription?
  • A gentle dentist makes it a priority to care for you before, during and after your treatment. Instructions are always given to the patient by the gentle dentist explaining what limitations or immediate reactions you can expect following a dental procedure. Any pain medications or antibiotics or written instructions are given to you before you leave the office by the gentle dentist. And questions are always encouraged. A follow-up phone call by the dentist or a staff member to check on your recovery is also a sign that you are being cared for by a gentle dentist.

It’s always best to have work with a gentle dentist. It’s the only kind of dentist to have. Be sure to find yours!