Going to a Downtown Kansas City Dentist is Becoming Easier than Ever!


dental-office-in-downtownLiving and working in downtown Kansas City can make errands like going to the grocery store, and visiting your dentist feel like an inconvenience.  There is limited parking, and many parking lots charge money to leave your car even for just an hour.  Who wants to pay for parking to go to the dentist?  Kansas City dentist Thomas L. Anderson and associates validates parking in our Commerce Bank location located on 10th and Walnut Street, but the convenience our new street cars will bring our patients is getting us excited!

The Downtown street car should be finished in the fall of 2015, and will start taking passengers in early 2016.  It will be stopping every two blocks from Union Station all the way to the River Market.  This wonderful new development in our city is going to make crossing town to come to our downtown dentist location a breeze!  No parking dilemmas, no worries!

Kansas City dentist Thomas L. Anderson has three associate dentists, Dr. Ellis Thigpen, Dr. Darren Perry, and Dr. Jason Beckman.  They have been practicing in the Arcade of the Commerce Bank Building for over twenty years.  In that time Downtown Kansas City has flourished with businesses and patrons, and then dropped to an all-time lull with very few businesses.  For quite some time very few people wanted to make the trip Downtown for any reason other than work.  Things began to change in 2007 with the grand opening of the Kansas City Power and Light District.  The Kansas City Power and Light District is a nine block district comprised of upscale restaurants, entertainment facilities, events, and boutique shops.  Then in October of 2007 just adjacent to the Kansas City Power and Light District the Sprint Center opened, bringing with it concerts, basketball tournaments, and another reasons to get people spending time in our beautiful Kansas City downtown. 

With all the new developments our dental office in downtown has taken on more and more new patients, helping them obtain the smiles they deserve!  Now with the exciting arrival of the street car we are excited to meet more of you!!  Whether you are at Crown Center, or all the way on the other side of town shopping at the City Market, you can hop a ride on a street car and come to your dental appointment at your downtown dentist without any hassle!

Downtown Kansas City Dentist Thomas L. Anderson and associates LOVE Our CITY and its people!!  Now that our enchanting Downtown is on the rise again, we are so excited to treat all its new patrons who are looking for a downtown dental office to care for them and their families!! Call and make an appointment today! Call and make an appointment today!