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MetLife Dental

Have you ever wondered what the best insurance plan to have for dental coverage? We have had many patients ask us, “What is a good dental insurance plan to have?”

While there are so many choices of dental insurance companies with so many different types of plans to choose from, we have found MetLife Dental to be a solid choice for a dental insurance plan.

MetLife Dental Plans resized 600MetLife Dental has been one of our longest relationships with a dental plan. Being a MetLife Preferred Provider for so long has allowed us to get to know their policies, coverage and restrictions well. With so many of our patients covered by MetLife Dental, our office has filed a magnitude of dental claims with them and have found that they are one of the most straightforward insurance companies to deal with.

The policies covered by MetLife Dental can range from minimal coverage for those patients who have lesser dental needs up to full coverage dental plans to help those patients with multiple needs. Whether you call with a broken tooth, a toothache or just need a routine dental cleaning and checkup, MetLife Dental as your dental insurance carrier will be there to provide coverage. Verifying your coverage with MetLife Dental is quick and can be done prior to your appointment, so that any needs that you may have can be estimated for you while you are in the chair. We have found that MetLife Dental has been providing coverage for implants, bridges and bite guards more and more lately, so be sure to check with our office if you have any of these needs.MetLife Dentist resized 600

MetLife Dental has provided full coverage dental insurance with no waitingperiod for patients sometimes without any pre-existing conditions or waiting periods which will allow you to have the treatment you are in need of without restrictions.

We can find out your plan’s coverage and give you the information you need to make your decision for your dental care. With many of MetLife Dental’s policies, your preventative care can be covered at 100%. This usually includes your dental cleaning, examination, x-rays and even fluoride sometimes. This allows you to feel comfortable coming in to start the process of gathering the knowledge and information you need to treat your dental issues.

MetLife Dental resized 600Beginning any treatment you may need, including routine fillings or oral surgery or root canals can be covered at 80% with MetLife Dental. The 20% copay due from you may even apply to major services on some of MetLife Dental’s plans, which would include any crowns or bridges you may need due to a broken tooth. Please allow us to thoroughly investigate your coverage to be able to give you the most accurate estimate possible.

We are even able to send a pre-determination to MetLife Dental if you’d like to be able to see the coverage in writing before starting any treatment. We have found that the pre-estimate of services is not required as often with MetLife Dental as with some of the other insurance companies, which allows you, as the patient to begin treatment sooner if necessary or requested.MetLife veteran dental plans resized 600

MetLife Dental is now covering active duty military families with sometimes better coverage than previously provided for those patients with their MetLife Dental Military plans. This can allow those families to complete more of their treatment without restrictions.

With so many different dental plans available, we have been happy to continue to be among the dentists who are MetLife Dental Providers to allow our patients to get the dental treatment they need. Going to a Preferred Provider for MetLife Dental means you will get the best coverage.

Staying “in network” with MetLife Dental means you will have less out of pocket copays, deductibles and fewer restrictions on your treatment. It can also mean that your annual maximum may be higher as well, therefore allowing you to complete more treatment each year, if necessary.

MetLife preferred provider resized 600All of our Doctors in all three of our locations are MetLife Dental Providers for MetLife Dental. So please contact us if you have any questions on your policy or would like to schedule your appointment with us. At Thomas L. Anderson and Associates DDS, we look forward to serving you as one of our very valued patients.

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