Use It or Lose It: Don’t Forget Your Flexible Spending Account


Don’t Forget Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) …. just like your dental insurance benefits, your FSA Expires Dec. 31st too!!

Did you, like so many other Americans, sign up for a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with your benefits this year? It’s an extremely common benefit for many people, and it can be very helpful when covering expenses that aren’t covered by your normal health insurance benefits. This money is pre-taxed and can be used for a wide-variety of services. So, when you’re making your end of the year appointments with your dentist, keep your FSA in mind!

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What Can Your FSA Pay For?

Remember that just like your insurance benefits, your FSA will start over after Dec. 31. It does not roll over, and it is your money, so use it as best you can! Don’t let your FSA money go to waste and spend it on your health and wellbeing. Your oral health is a great use of any remaining FSA funds.

Should I Get An FSA? Learn more HERE.

If you have any big services that you’ve wanted to complete at the dentist, your FSA may be a great option at covering what’s not covered by your insurance. This is extremely helpful for treatments that aren’t always fully covered by normal dental benefits. Depending on your insurance, just your two preventive treatments may be covered per year, and nothing else. This is where an FSA comes in handy for any other copays, treatments, procedures, emergency procedures, etc.

Want to know what exactly your FSA can cover? Read over your policy carefully and consider consulting your HR rep. In general, these are the items that can often be used with your FSA funds:

Use Your Benefits Before You Lose Them!

Check your plan to see if your FSA funds rollover, but most likely, they don’t! Check with your dentist today to schedule your appointments before the end of the year to make the most of your FSA plan. Your oral health, and your wallet, will thank you.

Learn more about The Basics of an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) HERE.

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