Finding a Kansas City Dentist the Low Tech Way!



If you are new to Kansas City or a longtime resident, finding a good Kansas City Dentist can be challenging. Part of the challenge of finding a good Kansas City Dentist is finding one that is caring and considerate. The other part of finding a good Kansas City Dentist is finding one that performs dental services at a high level.

For people over 40 years old, going to the dentist can bring back difficult and sometimes scary childhood memories of the mean old dentist that worked on them when they were a kid. This group is known as the Silver Filling Generation.   Silver fillings and crowns and root canals and pain were on the menu.   Many people in this age range fear going to the dentist and are looking for a good Kansas City Dentist.   For this age group, making the decision to go to a dentist can bring back memories better left undisturbed. If you are a good friend, recommending a good Kansas City Dentist for anyone in this demographic can be a wonderful gift.  

For people under age 40, the thought of going to the dentist is considerably less daunting. This age group of people grew up in the era of fluoride and flossing, brushing and sealants, and visiting their dentist two times a year.   Silver fillings are like dinosaurs to this group of people. Tooth brightening and bleaching treatments and porcelain veneer smile makeovers celebrate one’s own teeth and going to the dentist was something to look forward to. A good Kansas City Dentist needs to have a high level of training in the area of aesthetics and prevention.

Whether you are new to Kansas City or a longtime resident, the best way to find a good Kansas City Dentist is to ask around. Ask your neighbor. Ask your friends. Ask people you trust at work.   Usually you will find a name or two that pops up more than once. If they are a good Kansas City Dentist, that means they have a large following of people who see them. They will be busy because people in the know, know who to go to. Ask the person you talk to why they like them? Ask your friend questions that you are concerned about like… Are they nice? Do they have lunch hours? Do they take same day emergencies? Do they see kids?   Do they offer payment plans? Ask a lot of questions. You should get all positive answers if this person truly is a great Kansas City Dentist.

After getting a recommendation, call the Kansas City Dentist for an appointment.   The person answering the phone should sound genuinely happy that you have called their office. This means that she is happy and we all know that is a good sign. In my experience, people who are happy are happy for a reason and in the dental field it’s because they have a nice dental team to work with and they love their job. A great Kansas City Dentist will have a person greet you on the phone and this will set the stage for you to have a new and happy dental home.

Finally, go to your dental appointment for your dental checkup.   You should know right away that you are in a friendly and caring environment by the positive energy in the office.   Clean surroundings, easy music, friendly people are key indicators that you are in the right place. A great Kansas City Dentist is a person who is kind and considerate. They are an upbeat person who takes the time to take care of you. After your checkup, you now understand why your friend’s recommended for you to come to this office. You have found your dental home and your Kansas City Dentist.

In this day and age when everyone is internet-ing and texting and tweeting and snap chatting, it is easy to think that all we have to do is look someone up on the internet to get all the information that we need. When it comes to finding a great Kansas City Dentist, this is simply not the case. The best way to find a great Kansas City Dentist is the old fashioned way…..word of mouth. So if you are looking for someone to take care of you and your family’s dental needs or you have a broken tooth or toothache that has been keeping you up all night, ask around….and make a phone call. This low tech way of finding a great Kansas City Dentist will surely put you on the road to dental happiness.

At Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, we would love to meet you and have the opportunity to be your Kansas City Dentist. Call one of our three conveniently located offices today to schedule an appointment with one of our incredible Kansas City Dentists!!