Family Dentistry: Why should you choose it?


A dentist who is skilled and qualified in family dentistry is able to see patients ranging in ages, from children to adolescents to adults. Family dentistry addresses oral hygiene at every stage of life. A dentist who is skilled in family dentistry understands that children’s oral hygiene needs are different from adults and knows how to care for both baby teeth and permanent dentistry 2 resized 600

Family life is busy and balancing the commitments of school, sports, work and home can get pretty hectic. The last thing you need to worry about is how to make time to get your family to the dentist. The philosophy of many family dentistry offices is that you and your child should not have to see different dentists. It should be convenient for your family to attend dental appointments.  Choosing an office that provides family dentistry can help save you time, money and even your sanity.

What makes a good family dentistry office? A good family dentist is someone who is caring, compassionate, passionate for their work and fun. Family dentistry should offer a comfortable and warm environment for patients of all ages. A skilled family dentist and team will provide thorough and complete dental health services to each and every patient. A good family dentist is also committed to their patients. They want to create a long lasting relationship and be your family’s dentist for many years.

Many people may wonder what types of dental health services a family dentistry office provides. A few of the most common dental health services are:

Regular cleanings and exams

Fluoride Treatments





Teeth Whitening

Emergency Treatment

local-dentistSome family dentistry offices offer more dental health services in addition to root canals, implants and periodontal treatments; other family dentistry offices may choose to refer their patients out to specialists for these types of dental health services.

When looking for a family dentistry office it is important that you find the right fit for each person in your family. It is also recommended to visit the family dentistry office before making appointments for your family. You want to make sure to get a feel for the dental team that could possibly provide dental care for your family. Many times it is often a good idea to ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations.  You are also able to find a local dentist who participates with your insurance providers by simply calling them or visiting their website. With that convenience, it will help make your search for the perfect family dentistry office a little easier.

By finding a local family dentistry office in your neighborhood, you can ensure that the trips to the dentist will not be long commutes. Choosing a local family dentistry office will make it easier for your family to access the office from any area in town, especially if there is a dental emergency. By choosing a local dentist office it will also make keeping up with your family’s regular dental check-ups much easier.

dentistry-for-kidsQuite often dentistry for kids is intimidating, even for adults. This is why it is so important that you find a family dentistry office that provides a comfortable and safe environment for your family.   Children behave and see the world in a vastly different way than an adult and have different dental needs as well. A family dentistry office’s #1 goal in treating children is to make every experience as positive as possible so that they will return for their other appointments without fear. Many adults have developed fear from their own childhood dental experiences. It is important for the entire dental team to work diligently to help make every patient comfortable, so any fears subside.  A good family dentistry office will provide a wonderful experience to patients of all ages. For many children and adults the more exciting and fun the appointment is, the more they will want to return.

dental-healt-servicesBy seeing your family dentist for your regular dental check-ups additional dental health services can be prevented. A family dentistry office is trained to help keep teeth of all ages clean and healthy.  Your family dentist will give you tips on how to brush, floss, and rinse in order to keep your teeth healthy between your regular check-ups. It is important to follow these tips in order to help prevent things such as cavities, infection, gum disease and more.

When your family is able to look forward to their dental visits, you know you have found the right family dentistry office.  A great family dentistry office will help your family stay on track with their scheduled appointments and they’ll look forward to going to the dentist!

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