Emergency Appointment: Do You have a Toothache?


If you’ve every experienced a toothache before, then you probably know the warning signs. You’ll likely experience a dull ache after cold liquids, a sharp pinch when biting down, or maybe a throbbing pain after chewing. According to American Family Physician, 22% of people have experienced a dental pain that has lasted over 6 months. However, when do you know if your toothache requires an emergency dental appointment?

When to Schedule an Appointment

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should make an immediate appointment with your dentist if you experience:

Pain in tooth or jawbone: This falls under the toothache category, and is commonly caused from inflammation of the tooth’s pulp (the nerve inside of the tooth). Usually, this is from decay. Click HERE for everything you need to know about toothaches and more.

Decay, inflammation, infection or crack in the tooth affecting the nerve: A root canal treatment is a procedure used to save the tooth. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed after removing the decay. How will you know if you need a root canal?  Most people experience some level of pain or sensitivity to hot or cold when eating or drinking or when putting pressure on the area. Learn More: Let’s Talk Toothaches: Are You Afraid of Root Canals?

Swelling around the mouth: Sometimes, swelling can happen from decay and this can lead to an abscess or swelling around the face or jaw.

Loss of crown, filling, or bridge: Loosing a dental fixture can cause pain similar to a toothache, such as sensitivity, swelling, and pain.

Broken tooth: Sometimes, we take a bite and realize that our tooth has chipped or cracked, resulting in a broken tooth, crown, filling, etc. These sharp edges can cut into our cheeks or surrounding areas, and need to be looked at immediately.

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When to See the Emergency Room

However, if you are experiencing any life-threatening injuries, such an uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, maxillofacial trauma (a knocked-out tooth), or facial swelling that crosses the midline or impacts breathing or speaking, it’s imperative that you visit your emergency room for treatment.

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If you’re concerned that you’re dealing with an emergency dental situation, ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Are you in severe pain?
  2. Do you have any loose teeth, broken, or chipped teeth? Have you lost a crown or other dental appliance?
  3. Do you have an infection?
  4. Have you lost a tooth?
  5. Are you experiencing any bleeding or swelling in or around the mouth/jaw area?

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In general, if you’re answering yes to any of these questions, then it’s important to give us a call to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

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