Downtown Dentist Kansas City

Downtown Dentistry is very convenient for those who work and live there

Being a downtown dentist for the last 27 years, I have seen the community transform from urban breakdown to a complete revitalization. As a local dentist and a life-long Kansas Citian, being a downtown dentist in Kansas City was important to me because I wanted to serve a community of dedicated business people and residents that needed a friendly dentist nearby.Downtown-dentist-in-Kansas-City

A downtown dentist in Kansas City is hard to find because most of the dentists vacated the area in the 1970’s and 1980’s for the growing suburbs. By the early 1990’s downtown Kansas City was being vacated en masse by businesses and its emptiness was apparent to the remaining businesses. The empty streets, the lack of traffic, closed up and run-down buildings was sad.

During this time of urban flight our dental office struggled for patients. Although we struggled, we did not give up. People would ask “why don’t you leave your dental office downtown?” Or they would make snide comments like “nobody needs a local dentist down there”. My response was always the same, “I believe in Kansas City, I love Kansas City and I love downtown.”

Over the last two decades, downtown Kansas City has revitalized and recreated itself to become a thriving business district, entertainment hot spot and home for thousands of its citizens. Essential services like dental and medical, business offices and retail shopping, banking, grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants have made downtown Kansas City a desired living location for many young professionals. Kansas City has reinvented itself with the Power and Light District, Sprint Center, City Market, and the new world-class Kaufmann Center. The businesses and people have returned and have rejuvenated Kansas City, the likes of which have not been seen since its heyday in the 1930’s and 40’s.

downtown-kansas-city-dentistOur dental office in downtown Kansas City has also grown. When the businesses and people returned, our practice grew. We moved from the old professional building at 1103 Grand Avenue to our new office in the Commerce Bank Arcade at 1000 Walnut. We set up a brand new state of the art office that was designed for our downtown community. Our focus was on convenience and top notch, friendly care.

As a downtown dentist, we have two categories of patients. The first are people who do not live downtown. They commute daily to work downtown from one of the dozens of suburbs surrounding the downtown area. This commute can be from 15 minutes to an hour long depending on traffic conditions. The other patients we see at our downtown dental office are people who work and live in the downtown area. Our office is within walking distance to their work and home and we are their local dentist.Dentist-Kansas-City

So if you live in say, Lee’s Summit, but work downtown and break a tooth during your lunch break. Now you are in dental pain. What do you do? You could call your suburban dentist in Lee’s Summit, but you are an hour away! You would miss too much work, plus you want your tooth repaired and the pain to go away fast! That plan won’t work so you Google “Dentist Near Me” or “local dentist” and you find that our dental office takes same day emergencies. You call our dental office and are able to come in quick, get fixed up, and get back to work in short order.

How easy is that?

Or maybe you need to get a regular dental checkup or a tooth colored filling but you are swamped at work. Now that you found the best dentist in the area you know that you can make an appointment with our friendly dental office and be treated at a time that is convenient for you.

Dentist-Kansas-CityWe even take lunch hour appointments that get you in and back on your way before the afternoon work load hits. Got a grumpy boss who won’t let you out of the office except on lunch breaks? Call our office and tell us what your situation is and we will make sure we get you taken care of, at your convenience. Why miss a half days work or take vacation time when you can use your vacation time for what it is really meant for… your vacation.

With a local dentist office downtown, you can work in the city, receive your dental care in the city or live in the suburbs without complication. It is super convenient for you which can save you lots of valuable time.

So simplify your life! If you live downtown our local dentist office is just down the block. If you commute from the “Burbs”, then join us in your quest for better dental health with the convenience that our downtown dental office provides. To learn more about our downtown dental practice go to: –Dentists Kansas City.