Does your dentist offer Painless Dentistry?

painless-dentistry.pngWe know most people do not look forward to going to the dentist, but why do you think that is? We think the biggest reason many people despise going to the dentist is because they associate it with pain, but what if we could provide you with almost painless dentistry? We know your anxieties and fears are real. You may have had unpleasant experiences, or didn’t feel like you were listened to. Here at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates, our team strives to provide painless dentistry to all our patients.

Our goal is to provide exceptional dental services to comfortable patients! We offer an experience that feels more like visiting a friend or the spa, rather than your average dental clinic. Our staff’s number one concern is our patients. We want each person that comes through our doors to feel as though they have found a second family. We provide amenities that help to relax our patients during each procedure. We believe that these types of distractions help aid in our goal of painless dentistry

What are some of the amenities we provide to our patients at no additional cost?

As one of your friendly and knowledgeable dental staff takes you to your room, you will be offered a paraffin hand wax. Why should you choose to dip your hands? Paraffin wax is often used in salons to remove dead skin and moisturize your hands. The effects of the paraffin wax accomplish more than soft hands, the wax is also commonly used in heat therapy. Effects such as increased blood flow, improved joint stiffness, and reduction in pain makes it great for our patients who suffer from arthritis. It’s a great way to relax and let us pamper you!

We offer complimentary Nitrous Oxide during dental procedures, or as many people know it, “laughing gas.” The beauty of Nitrous Oxide sedation is that it truly does help create an effect that makes the patient more relaxed, enabling painless dentistry or close to it. We use a mixture of nitrous and oxygen so that it’s safe to use, and within 2-5 minutes its pain killing and relaxing effects wash over you. The Nitrous Oxide levels can be adjusted as needed during your visit. The effects have been found to relieve pain, anxiety, and even one’s gag reflex. Nitrous Oxide also leaves your body within 3- 5 minutes, as opposed to some oral medications which stay in your system for long periods of time. In some cases, patients do not like the effects of the nitrous. If it is not for you, make sure to let us know! We can switch you over to oxygen and have you feeling like yourself again in mere minutes.

Each room is equipped with flat screen monitors on our ceiling so that you may view a movie or music video. Simply lay back and watch one of your favorites while we start your treatment. We always try to keep an assortment of new releases, classics, and music videos from your favorite artists. Getting lost in the moment with your favorite artists makes your appointment fly by, and helps to provide a painless dentistry experience! Before you know realize it will be time to leave. Thanks to these wonderful distractions and our skilled dental team we have reached nearly painless dentistry!

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