Does Painless Dentistry Exist?

Let’s face it, a trip to the dentist rarely excites people. Why is that? I think the biggest reason is that many of people associate dentistry with pain, but what if you could have a nearly painless dentistry experience? I know it seems too good to be true, but in our Kansas City dentist office we really do practice painless dentistry! We try our hardest to make sure our patients are as comfortable as we can possibly make them. We offer an experience that feels more like going to visit a friend’s home than going to some impersonal clinic. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff’s number one concern is the patient, and more specifically the comfort and ease that should come with dental care. Even a patient with the most severe dental anxiety can feel right at home after we have dipped their hands in paraffin hand wax, placed them on some relaxing nitrous oxide, and started one of their favorite movies. We believe these types of mental distractions make seemingly painful procedures easier to take.

painless-dentalUpon arrival for your appointment, we take you directly to our paraffin hand waxing station. Paraffin wax is often used in salons to remove dead skin and moisturize your hands. Once removed, your hands are left feeling soft and smooth, with a pleasant scent! The effects of the paraffin wax accomplish more than soft hands, the wax is also commonly used in heat therapy. Effects such as increased blood flow, improved joint stiffness, and reduction in pain makes it great for our patients who suffer from arthritis.  There is no better feeling for your dry skin, as this hand dip experience makes you feel pampered all year round!

nitrous-oxide-dentalOnce seated in our extremely soft cushioned chairs, we offer complimentary Nitrous Oxide dental procedures, or as many people know it, “laughing gas.” The beauty of Nitrous Oxide sedation is that it truly does help create an effect that makes the patient more relaxed, enabling painless dentistry or close to it. We use a mixture of nitrous and oxygen so that it’s safe to use, and within 2-5 minutes its pain killing and relaxing effects wash over you. The Nitrous Oxide levels can be adjusted as needed during your visit. The effects have been found to relieve pain, anxiety, and even one’s gag reflex. Nitrous Oxide also leaves your body within 3- 5 minutes, as opposed to some oral medications which stay in your system for long periods of time. In a matter of minutes you can leave the office clear headed and able to drive yourself home or back to work; without any lingering, groggy effects, or the need for a chauffeur.  In some cases, patients do not like the effects of the nitrous. If it is not for you, make sure to let us know! We can switch you over to oxygen and have you feeling like yourself again in mere minutes.

After being seated and pampered, you can start watching any number of movies or music videos. Simply lay back and watch one of your favorites while we start your treatment.  Each room is equipped with flat screen monitors on our ceiling so you don’t have to struggle to see or hear. We always try to keep an assortment of new releases, classics, and music videos from your favorite artists. We also have a wide assortment of the standup comedy videos that will have you laughing all the way through your dental appointment! Once your appointment is over, some patients don’t want to leave until they have finished their movie, but don’t worry, we’ll keep track of where you ended so you can finish up at your next appointment with us! Getting lost in a great story with unique characters can make your appointment time fly by, a distraction we’re all well aware of that lends well to a painless dental experience.

Before you know realize it will be time to leave. We’ll thoroughly rinse your mouth and clean up any mess with a warm, lemon-scented towel. Our experienced dental team knows that you deserve the best, and we will provide you with the quality service you’re worth. Every time you leave our office you’ll feel great, have soft hands, fresh breath, and a glistening smile!

Thanks to these enjoyable distractions, and specialized pampering, our friendly Kansas City dentist team truly has achieved nearly painless dentistry. We have three convenient locations: Independence, Downtown Kansas City, and the Country Club Plaza. We are always taking new patients and strive to find appointment times that work with even the busiest schedules.  Our lunch time appointments, and select Saturdays are great for the business person, or busy parent that has a hard time getting away! Call or email today to make your first “painless dentistry” appointment!