Dentists in Independence Mo Challenge You to Floss!!

dentists-in-independence-mo.jpgWith the summer upon us, a lot of people are preparing for reunions, weddings, vacations and swimsuit season.  What act of self-improvement did you choose for the summer of 2016?  Some popular options are to go to the gym more, or to eat healthier.  As a whole, we all care about our bodies and want to make changes to live a longer, healthier life.  Dr. Thomas L Anderson and Associates, dentists in Independence Mo, are challenging all of their patients to make their 2016 summer a time to floss daily!

You know the routine, every time you go to the friendly dentist for your cleanings the hygienist is going to ask you how often you are flossing.  One of the most common answers we receive is, “I’m not flossing, but I’m brushing every day.”  While brushing is important, it does nothing in comparison for what flossing does for your oral health.  Our body has a natural way of cleaning the teeth above the gum line.  As we are eating and talking, the saliva we create rinses over the smooth surfaces of our teeth to clean away debris and plaque, much like in a river when the water rinses over rocks leaving them smooth and clean.  Only when the rock is lifted from the water can you see the buildup underneath.  This is the same in our mouths, the only way to effectively clean under your gums is by flossing.  The unremoved plaque and bacteria cause a myriad of concerns for our bodies both in and out of our mouths. 

Our dentists in Independence Mo and our staff work hard on educating our patients how to keep a healthy body and smile.  When this harmful bacterium goes unremoved it causes periodontal disease, or gingivitis.  Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation of your tissue that causes a lot of damage over time.  It works its way under your gums and sets on the bone that holds the teeth in place.  If it is untreated for long periods of time, it erodes away your bone structure until the teeth have nothing to support them, and overtime causes the loss of many if not all of your teeth.  Some symptoms include painful bleeding gums, bone loss, and bad breath.  Some people seem to believe that the mouth is its own isolated chamber from the rest of the body, but studies show differently.  Research has shown gum disease can lead to diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and many other complications inside our bodies.  Your gums are full of blood vessels, and your mouths are full of bacteria.  This bacterium can get into your blood stream and trigger inflammation throughout the body, which causes damage to the blood vessels even the ones in your heart.  With all of this information, making flossing daily your 2016 summer focus seems like the best choice to us!

Our dentists in Independence Mo consult with every patient on how to maintain a healthy mouth and body. 

We don’t just say brush your teeth.  We say brush your teeth at a 45 degree angle, pointing the bristles to your gum tissue, and brush in circular motions.  This stimulates your gum tissue, and removes the plaque that is lingering just millimeters below your gums. 

We don’t just say floss your teeth.  We say use a “c” shape formation, and floss daily.  “C” shape formation flossing is important because our teeth are round.  If we just go straight down with the floss, some surfaces of the teeth are not being cleaned.  You need to make a “c” shape with your floss to hug the tooth, and floss underneath your gums to thoroughly clean them.  Not just in between the teeth.

I always hear Dr. Anderson telling the patients to brush, floss, and rinse with Listerine at the end of their appointments.   If you add these at home cleaning techniques with a regular checkup and cleaning every six months you can not only save your teeth, but you could save your life! 

The only thing difficult about daily flossing is working it into your daily routine.  Once you make the decision to start flossing and add it to your morning routine, it is really no hassle at all.  It only takes a few more minutes, and the results will leave you with a healthy smile, and body! Summers are great for fresh starts and our dentists in Independence Mo at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates wants to challenge you to make daily flossing your 2016 summer focus! 

Let us know how it’s working for you by making an appointment at one of our three locations. We are located in Independence Mo., Downtown Kansas City, and in the Country Club Plaza.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

-Mother Teresa