Country Club Plaza Dentist, A High End Experience


plaza-dentist          There is no denying the appeal of the Country Club Plaza. This beautiful, historic establishment is a huge source of pride for all Kansas City residents.  Built in 1922 by J.C. Nichols, it was the first shopping center designed for cars making it the longest running successful shopping center in the country. Country Club Plaza dentist, Thomas L. Anderson, has been practicing in the Plaza Time Building on Nichols Road for over 20 years, matching the same reputation of long-time success with an upscale experience.  While other dentists have come and gone, Thomas L. Anderson has remained a staple of the Country Club Plaza dental community.

          J.C. Nichols used his travel experiences through Europe to design the Country Club Plaza.  He chose a Spanish theme of courtyards and stucco buildings. He handpicked antique statues, and beautiful fountains to adorn our precious landmark. 

“Those who have traveled overseas might do a double take when they stroll past the statue of Sir Winston Churchill. Just steps away two of Spain’s landmarks–the Giralda Tower and the Seville Light — tower majestically on the horizon. Down the street in a quiet courtyard sits an original bronze of Pomona by Italian sculptor Donatello Gabrielli. Is this England, or maybe Spain, or could it be Italy? What a surprise to the traveler to find these magnificent European works of art in the heart of the Midwest — on Kansas City’s famed Country Club Plaza.”

         Plaza dentist, Thomas L. Anderson, has followed suit by creating smiles that are pieces of art … true masterpieces.  Most dentists use mass-production labs giving their patients restorations that look fake and are ill fitting, causing bigger problems down the road. 

 country-club-plaza-dentist        We use a boutique laboratory that makes the most natural, perfect fit teeth restorations possible.  ACR dental artworks Inc. (Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Reconstructive) works very close with our team, making sure each tooth restoration is a perfect fit, with perfect anatomy.  This makes the visit faster and easier for the patient, giving the most natural looking tooth restoration with the most longevity.  Dental artworks is the perfect phrase for our lab as ACR’s restorations match the beauty of even our J.C. Nichols fountain!

          After J.C. Nichols passed away in 1950, his son took over the family business following his father’s philosophy that people desire a better place and will take pride in it.  This plaza dentist follows the same guidelines in his practice.  Nobody wants to go to a stuffy dental office where they are treated less than special.  We believe in providing excellent customer service above all.  Creating a better dental experience for our patients is a priority for us, and we do take pride that we are able to create a special experience for all of our patients. 

         Now is the time to switch to a Country Club Plaza dentist, where the serenity of the beautiful fountains of the Country Club Plaza follow our patients all the way into our relaxing reception room and throughout their dental appointment experience!  Make an appointment today … we look forward to helping you care for and create your smile masterpiece!